Turkish Prime Minister visits Apple, and others, ahead of a 10.6 million unit order for tablets

10.6 million tablets is a whole heck of a lot, and that's the number that the Turkish Prime Minister is talking about purchasing. Recep Erdoğan is visiting the U.S. on a very large shopping spree, and is visiting Microsoft, Google and Apple personally, before splashing the cash.

The visit is part of the FATIH Project, designed to modernize Turkish schools by replacing textbooks and chalkboards with tablets and electronic whiteboards. The whole project is expected to cost in the region of $3billion - $4billion and take 4 years to complete.

Apple of course unveiled their interactive Textbooks back in early 2012, in a definite move to try and change the way we use tablets in education. Apple sells a lot of tablets, tens of millions every quarter, but an order such as this is not to be sniffed at.

Who out there already uses their iPad at school? Are you making use of the textbooks, or just using it as a productivity tool. We'd love to know, so drop a line in the comments below!

via 9to5Mac

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