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The latest update to the fourth-generation Apple TV's software system is live. You can now put apps into folders, use voice dictation in text fields, search the App Store with Siri, and a whole lot more. Get answers to all of your tvOS 9.2 questions right here!

What's all this about tvOS?

Just like the iPhone, iPad, and Mac, the Apple TV has also has an operating system that Apple updates regularly. On the fourth-generation Apple TV, the operating system is called tvOS, and the current version of tvOS is 9.2.

How do I get my hands on this update?

Your Apple TV should prompt you to download and install tvOS 9.2. However, if it doesn't do so automatically, or if you chose to wait, you can manually update your Apple TV.

Can I add apps to folders now?

You sure can. Instead of a long rolling page of app, after app, after app, now you can combine them into folders — just like on the iPhone and iPad. If you don't already know how, we have a short how-to guide.

Apps in folders on Apple TV

I'm tired of having to type my passwords. Can't I just use Voice Dictation?

As a matter of fact, you can now. With tvOS 9.2, you can now use the Dictation feature to enter text into search fields, login forms, and more. Here's how to enable it Dictation on your Apple TV.

Dictation on Apple TV

I heard Apple TV now supports all pics in my iCloud Photo Library

You know it! Instead of only seeing pictured in your shared albums, you can now spend long, listless hours reliving memories from decades gone by in your iCloud Photo Library. Here's how to set up and use iCloud Photo Library.

iCloud photo library on Apple TV

What about Live Photos?

Sure thing. You can now view Live Photos on Apple TV. Press and hold the trackpad on your Siri Remote to watch them come to life.

What about searching the App Store with Siri?

In tvOS 9.2, you can now search for apps and games in the App Store just by asking Siri. You can ask such things as "What are the best games?" or "Find NCAA March Madness app."

Siri App Store search on Apple TV

What if I want to type instead of talk?

Lucky for you, Apple just added support for Bluetooth keyboards. Now you can pair your favorite keyboard and use it to type into text fields anywhere across the tvOS system.

Bluetooth Keyboard on Apple TV

So what else is new?

  • The user interface for the App Switcher looks different. Now, when you double-click the Home button on the Siri remote, your recently opened apps appear stacked up to the left, just like they do on the iPhone or iPad.

    App Switcher on Apple TV

  • Conference Room display is back. You can set up your screen to display a specific image with an overlay message that includes the local Wi-Fi, the name of the Apple TV, and any custom message you wish to add.

    Conference Display on Apple TV

  • There is now a What's New section that shows a summary of the biggest changes to tvOS.
  • Fast forwarding and rewinding playback content got a little harder, but a whole lot better. Remember how you sometimes accidentally fast forward through a movie because you lightly brushed the trackpad on the Siri Remote? Well, that won't happen anymore. In order to jump around while playing content, now you have to pause first, then drag to a new section, or press firmly on the right or left side of the trackpad. It might take a few more steps, but at least you won't lose your place in a movie as easily anymore.

    Fast forwarding through Apple TV

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