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If you've got a second Apple TV lying around the house and you're willing to use it as a Guinea Pig to test out tvOS 13, you're in luck. You don't a developer account to beta test the upcoming tvOS software. There's a public beta out now that you can install if you don't want to wait for the fall for the final build.

With public betas come great risk and responsibility, however. Are you willing to risk running tvOS 13 on an Apple TV that may not work with the streaming services you love? What if you change your mind and want to downgrade. There are plenty of questions public beta testers have, and we got your answers.

How to install the tvOS 13 public beta

There are a few big features coming to tvOS 13, like dynamic backgrounds, multi-user accounts, Apple Arcade, and more.

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If you're hoping to be a beta tester, and have a secondary Apple TV you can run it on (we don't recommend testing betas with your only Apple TV. It's just too risky), here's how to get started.

tvOS 13: Everything you need to know!

This fall, everyone will be able to experience the new tvOS 13, but right now, it's still in the beta stages. If you're wondering what's coming soon to decide whether its worth the risk, we have a guide.

How to downgrade from the tvOS 13 public beta back to tvOS 12

Before you decide to beta test tvOS on a 4K Apple TV you should know something; you can't downgrade the 4K model. It doesn't have a USB-C port to allow you to connect it to your Mac, and you need to connect your Apple TV to your Mac in order to install tvOS 12 if you change your mind. All updates are made over the air, but downgrading Apple software requires a direct download.

With that in mind, if you have an Apple TV HD (4th or 5th generation), you can downgrade back to tvOS 12 if you change your mind.

How to update from the tvOS 13 beta to the official release

If you have been running a developer or public beta of tvOS, you can officially move to the public release at any point once it's available. Apple may push the update to your device automatically, but you can manually download it if you prefer.

How to send tvOS 13 public beta feedback

With the great power of beta testing comes great responsibility. It's our job to let Apple know when we come across bugs, glitches, and issues instead of just complaining about them on our sosh meeds. If you notice an issue, or just want to give Apple some suggestions on ways to improve tvOS, send feedback!

The perfect accessories for beta testing tvOS

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Other questions about the tvOS 13 public beta?

Pop your questions below, or chat with one of our awesome moderators in our tvOS 13 forums!

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