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U2 and Apple are working on a plan to get people buying music again

The public may have had mixed feelings about a free U2 album showing up on their phones last week, but the world-renowned band and Apple are likely teaming up again to work on a new music format. This new music format, U2 claims, will make music so interesting and enticing that consumers will want to buy songs and albums once again.

U2 believes that all musical artists deserve the opportunity to be paid for their music, and not just if they tour around performing live shows. And while the common consensus among the public is to move towards monthly subscription and free music services, U2 thinks that things can change with its latest project.

Details are pretty light at this point, of course, as TIME simply calls it a "secret project." But with the power of a huge band like U2 and one of the biggest names in the music distribution business, Apple, get together we could be in for something very convincing.

Source: TIME

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  • Marco Arment has a decidedly more skeptical take:
  • I personally feel they should concentrate on getting record labels to release good music again. Then get the radio stations to play the good music. People are tired of the less talented artists getting all the airplay, while someone who we've never heard of, with an amazing talent, is struggling to get views on YouTube. The record execs need to learn how to market quality music and not just pop bop. There's a market for everything.
  • I agree and unfortunately everyone's tastes are different so pop kind of is what it is right now. I sometimes feel like those of us who actually buy music and pay for streaming should have more of a voice than those that don't pay by getting stuck with ad driven solutions. I don't really know what's fair. Sent from the iMore App
  • Ha... Yeah, good luck with that.
  • I'm guessing maybe imbedded videos of some kind? I'm really enjoying 'Songs of Innocence.' Thank you Apple!! My only gripe is that you didn't also slip us some of that Coldplay!! ;-)
  • i don't see that happening anywhere in the near future. maybe bono should subsidize the music industry with all the money he's saving from avoiding taxes in ireland.
  • At this point I'd be happy with my album artwork being restored. Sent from the iMore App
  • I'm surprised Bono isn't putting on a concert for Africa and Ebola... Errr... Self Promotion, that is... Posted via iMore App
  • LOL ! Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Should be exciting to see what they are planning and working on Sent from the iMore App
  • I think people buying albums is just over. Just like people paying for internet by-the-minute died with AOL and dial-up. Apple should be looking forward, beyond streaming and subscriptions, not back at making albums relevant again.