UK Courts still not happy with Apple's statement, orders them to pay Samsung's legal fees

Apple's last court-ordered apology to Samsung still wasn't enough to appease the UK courts, so they've now been ordered to pay Samsung's legal fees from parking tickets to Porsches for all the lawyers. Philip Elmer-DeWitt of Fortune has the details.

Ordered to post a two-paragraph corrective on its website and in the British press, Apple not only dragged its heels, but it broke up the required paragraphs and interspersed language of its own devising -- including a bit about a judge ruling that the Samsung Galaxy Tab was "not as cool" as the iPad -- language that was, according to Samsung, false and misleading.

Fortune has more quotes and excerpts from both Apple and the court via the link below below as well as the complete text of the Apple issued statement that was rejected by the courts.

So, is the court being too fussy or is Apple being too flippant?

Source: Fortune

Allyson Kazmucha

iMore senior editor from 2011 to 2015.