U.S. Apple Retail revenues reach new high at $57 per visitor

Apple's U.S Retail Stores top not only the list for highest revenue per square foot, but also revenue per visitor. Asymco's Horace Dediu has been doing his thing crunching the numbers, and the latest quarter shows a 7% increase to $57.6 per visitor, with average revenue per store up to $13 million for the quarter.

Impressive numbers, and it sets Apple at about the double the figure of the next highest, Tiifany and Co. Apple doesn't exactly sell low price goods, but consider how many people pass through the doors each day without buying anything, and it sets it into a little perspective.

What we want to know is, how much have you spent in a single transaction at an Apple Retail Store? Some people must be spending in big numbers, so let us know what you maxed out at!

Source: Asymco

Richard Devine

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