US court repels Samsung's appeal against Apple over patent infringements

A US appeals court has rejected Samsung's appeal to reconsider an earlier decision made against the South Korean company. It's alleged Samsung has infringed on multiple Apple patents, covering the company's iPhone. Samsung appealed against the ruling and received support from the likes of Facebook and Google, but this latest rejection is yet another blow to the tech giant.

The patent battle between Samsung and Apple has been ongoing since 2011. Apple accused Samsung of the multiple patent infringements of key features from the iPhone. The Silicon Valley companies banding together with Samsung argued that the decision against Samsung in this case would have a negative impact on companies that invest in R&D.

It's yet to be confirmed just how much Samsung will have to pay out to Apple in compensation. Sadly for Samsung, this news comes straight after launching the company's latest smartphones. The battle continues...

Source: BBC

Rich Edmonds