U.S. Supreme Court denies Apple's appeal in ebook price-fixing case

The U.S. Supreme Court has declined to hear Apple's appeal in the government's ongoing iBooks price-fixing lawsuit against the company. The company was appealing a lower court's decision that the company had indeed conspired with publishers to fix ebook prices.

From Bloomberg:

The justices turned away an appeal by Apple, leaving intact a federal appeals court ruling favoring the U.S. Justice Department and more than 30 states that sued.

This action means that Apple will have to pay a total of $450 million to customers, along with the states that joined the government's suit. The case's original judgment also saw the installation of an antitrust monitor, Michael Bromwich, who monitored the company's activities to ensure that the behavior that led to the price-fixing wouldn't repeat itself. Bromwich's stint at the company ended late last year.