Regarding Verizon listing Apple iOS under Shop for Smartphones

Over the last couple days we've received tons of tips about Verizon adding Apple iOS to their Shop for Smartphones menu (see above). No doubt fueled by recent rumors, the assumption is that it's a harbinger of the near-legendary Verizon iPhone.

It's sometimes clickable and sometimes not. When it is clickable it gives you a list of Androids, BlackBerrys and such. That strikes me as either brilliant if shady competitive marketing (hey, you're here for iPhone? Click me! Here you go, they're like iPhones...!) or just some screwy code that ought only be enabled for tablets, namely iPad + Mifi.

Either way, you still can't get an iPhone on Verizon. Yet. So relax. Breathe. Stand down. Unlock and unload. They're only on the 4th Seal and there won't be silence in rumorland for a few more still...

[Thanks Kevin!]

Rene Ritchie

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