Verizon set to put warning stickers on all phones that may provide location information

Verizon has issued a written response to Massachusetts Congressman Ed Markey’s call for answers on the recent revelations that phones may provide your location data without your knowledge. The letter written by Peter B. Davidson, who is the Senior Vice President of Federal Government Relations at Verizon, goes into detail on how Verizon goes to great lengths to inform and protect its customers from revealing their location data to third parties.

Verizon now plan on taking a further step to include a sticker on every phone that it sells; warning users that it could track location data. The removable sticker will be placed on the screen of the device. Verizon say that the labels will start to appear very soon. We assume that this will include all models of the iPhone too.

Apple has already released a Q&A to address its customer concerns; Apple and Google are still due to appear at a hearing in May to explain their roles in the situation in more detail.



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