Vice President of Amazon A9′s search group joins Apple

Apple snagged themselves a new VP from Amazon recently, Benoit Dupin. He used to handle search at Amazon A9, which dealt in commercial-grade cloud search, advertising, mobile, and visual search. The change is visible on Dupin’s LinkedIn page, and according to sources, his Director position at Apple will oversee iTunes, the App Store, and Maps search. Dupin will likely be taking over for the old CEO of Chomp, a company that Apple acquired not too long ago.

Amazon’s recently launched their own set-top box called Fire TV, which butts heads pretty directly with Apple TV, but beyond that, Apple and Amazon have mostly stayed out of each others’ way. The last high profile departure from Amazon to Apple was in 2012.

How do you guys find the search capabilities of Apple’s services? Do they need a lot of work? What would you change or improve?

Source: 9to5Mac

Simon Sage

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