VirnetX now seeking $532 million from Apple over FaceTime patent infringement

Patent troll VirnetX is seeking $532 million from Apple over infringement of intellectual property. The company holds several patents relating to secure communications over virtual private networks, and is claiming that Apple used its technology in FaceTime and iMessage without its permission.

Back in 2012, VirnetX won a $368 million verdict, with Apple found to infringe on four of its patents in FaceTime. However, that trail was dismissed by an appeals court, which ordered an retrial. VirnetX is now stating that as current-generation Apple products also use its technologies, it is entitled to $532 million. VirnetX lawyer Brad Caldwell said:

Apple hasn't played fair. They have taken Virnetx's intellectual property without permission.

Apple counsel Greg Arovas said:

Apple believes in fairness and protecting intellectual property. VirnetX keeps moving the boundary, asking for more and more and more.

VirnetX failed to commercialize its own products, and now relies on patent licensing for its revenue. In 2010, it successfully managed to sue Microsoft to the tune of $200 million, going after the Redmond giant once again in 2014 for an additional $23 million. Its trial with Apple will continue throughout the week.

Source: Bloomberg

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