Apple Intelligence is coming to Vision Pro, but don't expect it on the HomePod

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Apple's WWDC keynote promised the upcoming release of visionOS 2.0, but Apple Intelligence was conspicuously absent for owners of the $3,499 headset.

Thankfully a new report suggests the Vision Pro won't be left out in the cold after all. In his latest Power On newsletter, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman says unequivocally that "Apple Intelligence is coming to the Vision Pro".

"I’m told that Apple is actively working on bringing the features to the device, but it won’t happen this year," Gurman explains.

"From a technology standpoint, the headset has more than enough memory (16 gigabytes) to run the technology.

"And the features, including notification prioritization, writing tools, an OpenAI chatbot and the new Siri, make sense for the headset — especially if Apple continues to position the Vision Pro as a device for getting work done and handling computer tasks."

Don't expect the HomePod to get Apple Intelligence

Gurman also notes the similarities between visionOS and the iPadOS platform it's based on, and notes that the move "could tax Apple’s still-expanding cloud-computing infrastructure."

"Fears of overburdening the servers are one reason the company has limited the AI features to more recent devices. But given that the Vision Pro hasn’t sold in large quantities, that may not be a big concern," he says.

Still, don't expect your HomePod to get smarter through Apple Intelligence. In the same newsletter, Gurman points to Apple's work on a new robotic device as evidence the HomePod is unlikely to get Apple Intelligence features.

He also notes the HomePod is a "low-volume" device, and that Apple Intelligence requires too much RAM than the HomePod and HomePod Mini can offer.

Apple Vision Pro | $3499 at Apple

Apple Vision Pro | $3499 at Apple

If you're looking to experience AI in a new dimension, you can rest safe knowing Apple Intelligence will come to the Vision Pro.

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