Watch a restoration breathe new life into a 1984 Apple IIc

For some, there's nothing in the world more satisfying than seeing an old piece of tech restored to like-new condition. If you count yourself among those ranks, then a new Apple IIc restoration video by YouTuber The 8-Bit Guy is definitely worth a look.

What's so neat about this restoration is just how fresh everything looks when it's all said and done. Like most older tech, the beige case of the 1984 Apple IIc has taken on a dingy yellow tone over the years. However, The 8-Bit Guy was able to mostly restore the exterior to its original beige glory with the help of some hydrogen peroxide and a little sun exposure.

You can give the restoration a watch in the video above, and be sure to pay extra attention around the 1:40 mark for an incredible look at the Apple IIc's logic board.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster