Things are starting to ramp up as we head towards the summer, and one of the biggest stories to hit iMore this week was launch of Talk Mobile 2013, a cross site event spanning the whole of Mobile Nations. We were also treated to yet more news from Google, Tim Cook onstage at the D11 conference, some big name game releases and some excellent reviews and editorials from the writing staff. Let's look back on the week that was!

We'll start though, with music. At the very start of the week we examined what Apple could do with the rumored iRadio service should it ever emerge. While Apple doesn't need to enter the streaming space at all, they could quite possibly do a really fantastic job with it. They do after all have a huge iTunes database of their customers musical choices.

While iRadio is the rumor that won't go away, Google is the rich uncle that keeps on giving us presents. SVP of Chrome and Android, Sundar Pichai, dropped a little bombshell during his appearance at D11 in California; Google Play Music All Access is headed to iOS. Better yet, engineers are supposedly working frantically to bring it to the platform in a matter of weeks. Currently there's unofficial methods to trying out the service on iOS, and we took one of them, gMusic, for a spin.

Google wasn't the only big name in mobile present at D11. Apple's own CEO Tim Cook opened the conference with his interview with Walt and Kara. While we wouldn't ever expect any news of new products, Cook did fill us in on some statistics for Apple TV, announce a new addition to the senior team, and express his interest in wearable technology. It was a great interview to follow, and if you missed it first time round be sure to check out our full roundup.

  • Full roundup of Tim Cook at D11

This week saw some big name game titles hit the App Store, too. The Nintendo classic Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy made a much awaited appearance, as did an RPG classic; Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. Neither game comes cheap, with the full Ace Attorney pack costing $16.99 and SWKotR $9.99. Both are premium titles, and have been reworked to play on the touchscreen. Away from mobile gaming, I showed you how to hook up your Xbox 360 controller to your Mac. Since the Feral bundle dropped I've been playing games on my Mac a lot more, but the keyboard is too cramped. With an Xbox controller laying around and a few minutes of your time you can be on your way to gamepad Mac gaming heaven.

Our own Peter Cohen closed out his Mac Pro trilogy this week by comparing the venerable warrior to the iMac. Is there a need for both? If you missed out first time around, be sure to give it a read, it offers some excellent thoughts from both sides. It also comes the same week as we learn that Mac Pro inventory is dwindling as we approach WWDC. What could that mean?

Rene also continued a series this week, with the latest instalment of "iOS 7 wants," this time focusing on iMessage, Facetime, and it all working together. Everywhere. It's a really great piece that also offers comparisons with other leading products such as Skype, and the soon to be with us BBM. Definitely worth your time if you missed it.

There were a couple of really great app reviews that crossed our paths this week, too. Ally checked out Airmail for Mac, which is possibly the perfect replacement for fans of the now un-supported Sparrow. Meanwhile, Leanna gave the new Olloclip app for the iPhone the once over. The short version; it's a perfect companion to the already excellent Olloclip lens accessory.

And last, but by very much no means least, Talk Mobile 2013. The teasers are done with, the secrecy is over, and the Mobile Nations cross site event that is TM13 is officially launched. Set to take Mobile Nations by storm in the coming months, the TM13 launch party is coming up June 6 in New York City, but before all that, Rene got together with Phil Nickinson, Daniel Rubino and Kevin Michaluk to tell us just what to expect from Talk Mobile. If you missed the podcast, you really should go back and give it a listen.

That's it for another week! We're now just a week out from boots landing on the ground for WWDC, and with Talk Mobile launching on Monday things are about to get crazy! What was your highlight from the past 7 days? Be sure to drop it into the comments!