This is what Michael Fassbender looks like as Steve Jobs

Production is under way on the Aaron Sorkin-penned Universal-produced Steve Jobs biopic, and thanks to the high-powered zoom lenses of the entertainment press we have a glimpse of the main characters in costume. So now we now know what Michael Fassbender looks like when dressed up as Steve Jobs complete with the long locks and bowtie, as well as Seth Rogen with extra-messy hair and Steve Wozniak's glasses.

Casting in films can be difficult, and while we have little doubt about Fassbender's abilities as an actor, he's kind of lacking in the "looks like Steve Jobs" department. There's only so much a German-Irish actor can do to look like the American-born Swiss-Syrian Jobs, we suppose. But it's not the facial features that will really sell Fassbender as Jobs — it's the mannerisms and speech patterns. At least he's not Tom Cruise.

For what it's worth, we're definitely getting a Wozniak vibe from Rogen here and not so much of his most-recent cinematic venture.

Source: Daily Mail