When Apple holds an event, it's kind of like Christmas morning. New products and services are always exciting, but there's usually a few that stand out above the rest. For the team here at iMore, we're most excited about Apple Arcade and AppleTV+!

Apple Arcade looks amazing

Apple Arcade on iPhone

As an avid gamer, I have downloaded hundreds of games onto my iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV over the years. I have played everything from free-to-play card games to top tier paid games that are as rewarding and gorgeous as AAA console games, and I finally may have a way to play all those games for only one subscription fee.

Apple Arcade is a new subscription service that will give you 100% unlimited access to games for one price and is set to include games from some very talented developers. All the game's features, content, and future updates will be automatically included with your subscription.

Fuzzy on exact details

While we are excited for Apple Arcade, there are some details that we don't know yet which has our excitement a little tempered. We don't know exactly when Apple Arcade will be launching — although Apple has said sometime in the fall — and we don't know what games will be included at launch. Plus, we don't know the price of Apple Arcade at all, leaving us all wondering just how much we'll have to shell out to enjoy the service.

In a time where the App Store is filled with a bunch of free-to-play games that use ads and microtransactions to achieve profits, details on how Apple Arcade will be profitable and pay the game developers are all also big question marks that only time will tell.

Apple TV+ has some big names attached

Apple TV+ wiht Oprah

Apple is finally getting into the streaming service business with the newly announced Apple TV+, and that means even more TV shows and movies to consume on yet another platform.

Apple is producing a number of original series and films, such as Amazing Stories from Steven Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment, The Morning Show starring Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston, and See, starring Jason Mamoa and Alfre Woodard. With giant Hollywood A-listers already on board to develop new content for the new service, it's hard not to get excited.

Can it compete with other streaming giants?

The biggest question will Apple TV+ be able to compete with Netflix, Hulu, the upcoming Disney+, and all the other streaming services that have been popping up or getting announced in recent years? The no pricing information as of right, and no clue on just how many series or films (besides the ones that were announced today), it's hard to imagine exactly how many subscriber's Apple TV+ service can garner when it launches sometime this fall. One thing's for sure, they pulled out all the celebrities to generate a lot of buzz, and so far, it has us intrigued!

More new announcements

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What are you the most excited?

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