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Mac Studio Lifestyle (Image credit: Apple)

Apple Studio Display preorders are live and you have several great ways to get one on your desk as soon as possible. A mid-range display has been a long time coming from Apple so we expect it will prove super popular among the Mac community. Don't be surprised, therefore, if you have to wait a little while to get yours — unless you preorder wisely!

The Apple Studio Display is an all-new desktop monitor from Apple that debuted just this month alongside the all-new Mac Studio. It offers a 27-inch display with a 5K resolution, P3 wide color, and 600 nits of peak brightness.

It's also packing an A13 Bionic chip that powers fancy features like Spatial Audio, Center Stage, Hey Siri, and more. On its rear it offers three easy-access USB-C ports and one Thunderbolt port that can deliver up to 96W of power — enough to fast charge a 14-inch MacBook Pro. If you're ready to pull the trigger on an Apple Studio Display, we've listed your best preorder options below.

Where to buy the Apple Studio Display

  • Amazon US: Amazon isn't yet listing Apple's Studio Display, though we expect it will be there soon after launch on its Mac accessories page.
  • B&H Photo: B&H is offering the Apple Studio Display in all its variations for preorder right now.
  • Best Buy: Apple Studio Display is available to preorder at Best Buy and you may be able to nab one in-store if you're lucky.
  • Adorama: Since Adorama might not be everyone's first port of call, it could be a good place to preorder the Apple Studio Display with everyone else waiting on deliveries from Apple and Amazon.
  • Apple: Of course, you can go straight to the source for your Apple Studio Display, though there's no chance of a discount there and wait times are already up to 10 weeks.

Over in the UK, several retailers have begun listing the Apple Studio Display including the likes of Currys, Amazon, John Lewis, and, of course, Apple:

What is the Apple Studio Display price?

In the U.S., the Apple Studio Display starts at $1,599. That's for the standard glass and tilt-adjustable stand or VESA-mounted options. You can upgrade to the fancy nano-texture glass for an additional $300 and the tilt- and height-adjustable stand is a $400 upgrade.

Over in the UK, you're looking at a £1,499 starting price with the nano-texture option costing £250 more and the tilt- and height-adjustable stand tacking on £400.

Are there any discounts on the Apple Studio Display?

While demand is outstripping supply of Apple's new Studio Display, we don't expect to see much in the way of discounts. If you want one on or close to day one, you're likely going to have to pay full price no matter where you buy one from. If you can afford to wait out the initial rush, we may start to see some Apple Studio Display deals creeping in, especially as we get closer to shopping events like Black Friday later in the year.

Should you get standard or nano-texture glass on the Apple Studio Display?

It's not a cheap upgrade to go from the standard Apple Studio Display glass to the nano-texture option, but it's also something you can't change down the line so you need to consider your needs at the time of purchase.

If you've ever used one of Apple's recent iMac models, you'll know what the standard glass looks like. It's still designed to be non-reflective, so should suit most people, but the nano-texture option further reduces glare thanks to its textured surface without sacrificing image quality. Nano-texture is a good shout if your workspace has a lot of bright light sources like sunlight or harsh overhead lights.

Which Apple Studio Display stand should you get?

Again, Apple offers some customization when it comes to the Studio Display's stand and, like the glass type, this cannot be changed at a later date.

Apple's iMac models are known for being a tad low so while the standard stand offers tilt adjustments, it may not work for you ergonomically (unless you stand it atop some books or something). As the name suggests, the tilt- and height-adjustable offers a lot more movement and can be raised higher to suit more setups. Alternatively, forgo a stand altogether, get the VESA mount option, and have your shiny new display hang off of a VESA arm for endless customization and the ability to use it in portrait orientation, too.

In the market for a Mac upgrade, too?

Whether the Apple Studio Display has you eyeing up a Mac Studio deal or your aging MacBook is due for an upgrade, why not pair your gorgeous new display with one of these discounted Macs?

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