And this year's "things we say that come back to bite us right in the ass" award goes to Palm CEO Ed Colligan, who was interviewed back in November '06 during a Churchil Club event by the New York Time's John Markoff about his thoughts on Apple's secret development of a mobile phone device. Colligan proudly boasted...

"PC guys are not going to just figure this out. They're not going to just walk in."

Oh, Ed. I feel your pain. If only I hadn't consumed that last Gin and tonic at the company Christmas party I might not have told my boss he looked sexy in that suit he was wearing. He still gives me nervous looks as we pass each other.

On a serious note, it remains to be seen just how "right" Apple may have gotten it. But Apple's vision of mobile software certainly forces the moguls of mediocrity Triumvirate of telephony (RIM, Palm, and Nokia) to rethink product strategies and begin taking software development more seriously. That is especially true of Palm whose orphaned Operating System, the beleaguered PalmOS Garnet, has languished.

This is your wake up call, boys! Pick up the phone before the market hangs up on you.