Will WiGig make future iPhone, iPad Wi-Fi faster?

From the fine folks at the Wi-Fi Alliance, in collaboration with the Wireless Gigabit Alliance, comes WiGig, the the awkwardly names but drool worthy new standard that aims to take our cable-free data transfer into the next generation:

At a speed of 7 gigabits per second, WiGig can easily handle the transfer of high-def video. That positions it as a replacement for wired HDMI connections or optical audio cables. [...] The WiGig standard, which runs on the 60 GHz spectrum, could be made compatible with existing devices that support Wi-Fi, but those gadgets wouldn't see the speed benefits of WiGig.

Apple is seen as a likely candidate to implement the new spec-to-be as they embraced even the draft 802.11n early on in its life cycle.

Those hoping this gives us truly wireless iPhone and iPad sync, and video streaming to our living room TVs, well, we'd love that too but the realities of battery technology probably means there's still a charger or plug in the equation somewhere...

[LA Times Blog, thanks Steph for the tip!]

Rene Ritchie

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