One of These Woolworths Looks Too Much Like an Apple?

The Woolworths department store chain in Australia is being taken to court by Apple due to their new logo... looking too much like Apple's. Apple is required by law to defend their trademarks, lest they lose them, and they're concerned Woolworth may sell computers (or smartphones?) under the new, Apple-esque logo.

If the stylized W in Woolworths' logo didn't have that little leaf on top, we'd think Apple was a little over-litigious. As it is, we're not sure why the W needs a leaf, or if it looks more like an Apple than the "Great Pumpkin" from Charlie Brown (maybe Peanuts can sue as well?)

Take a look at the comparisons above and let us know how close you think the logos are.

Rene Ritchie

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