Working Apple 1 sells for record price at German auction

One of only six remaining working examples of the Apple 1 computer has sold at an auction in Cologne, Germany for a record price. The winning bid was submitted by an anonymous telephone bidder from the Far East and came in at €516,461 (£441,532/$667,883).

The Apple 1 sold in Germany was hand signed by Apple co-founder and the builder of the computer, Steve Wozniak. It also came with an original monitor, tape deck, keyboard and documentation that was signed by the late Steve Jobs.

The Apple 1 has been described as the "holy grail of collectable technology" and was sold at auction alongside an Apple Lisa-1 which went for a still impressive €34,000 (£29,000/$43,968). The Apple 1 originally sold for $666.66 and came as just a motherboard when released back in 1976. What about you Apple collectors out there, what's your most prized item?

Source: Sky News

Richard Devine

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