WWDC Banner Revealed: One Year Later, Light-Years Ahead

Adam Jackson (via MacRumors) caught the first shot of WWDC 2009's first banner and it's one near and dear to TiPb's heart. Check out the hero shot above, and Adam's Flickr page for more Moscone center goodness.

Obviously, the App Store, with 45,000+ apps and over 1 billion downloads, was the mobile success story of 2008 -- if not one of the great software platform success stories of all time. That Apple is keeping it front and center might also just mean we ain't seen nothing yet.

We won't quibble about the date (App Store launched July 11, 2008 while WWDC 2009 launches June 8 with Phil Schiller at the helm), and we won't bring up those still stupefying rejections -- this time.

There's less than a week to go, after all...

Rene Ritchie

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