Leanna (@llofte), Seth (@sethclifford), and yours truly (@reneritchie) are live and on the ground at Apple's 2012 World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) at Moscone Center West in San Francisco.

The keynote is tomorrow at 10am PDT/1pm EDT, 6pm BST, and we expect to see iOS 6, iCloud, OS X Mountain Lion and more!

iOS 6 should bring us new features like an updated, Google-free Maps app, perhaps a new, more silver interface (UIKit) design, and additional tent-pole features. It won't be everything, however. Apple likes to save some big stuff for the iPhone event (like Siri last year).

OS X Mountain Lion should reveal its final secrets and perhaps even go Gold Master. iCloud should get Notes, Reminders, and photo and video sharing.

Once again, iMore has heard there won't be any new iOS devices this summer -- that's a fall thing now -- but rumors keep swirling about new, perhaps Retina-display Macs, so keep your eyes open. Way open.

We're going to be covering the keynote live tomorrow and we'll bring you all the details, color, and analysis as it happens, so keep your browser locked on iMore!

Leanna is also going to be posting photo and video essays, so you'll not only be here for all the big stuff, but you'll get to enjoy the quiet moments, the parties, the backstage antics, and everything in between.

We'll be doing a live podcast on Monday night, after the keynote and the Apple Design Awards, to wrap up the evening, and since Seth is here we'll be doing a live Iterate podcast on Wednesday with whichever designers are sober enough to join us.

We'll do another iMore podcast on Thursday to put a button on the show. If you have questions, we'll answer them.

To make sure we capture the keynote in all its glory, we rented a monster lens in the Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM II. Seth's going to be slinging that while I handle typing duties.

Developers are picking up their badges tonight, and some are already lining up for the keynote. We'll be getting there early -- really early -- as well. If you don't make the main room, you get put in overflow and that's nowhere near as much fun.

We'll be living on coffee for the next few days, but luckily Blue Bottle's in San Francisco has almost as many iOS developers in it as WWDC (an the line is often almost as long!)

Buckle up, iMore nation, we're in for one hell of a ride!