Today was officially the first day of WWDC 2012, and it was kicked off by the much anticipated keynote where Apple announced iOS 6 and an updated MacBook Pro with a gorgeous Retina display. Rene (@reneritchie) and Seth (@sethclifford) were on the scene doing an amazing job at live blogging and taking photos while I (@llofte) and the rest of the iMore crew held down the fort from a distance.

Rene joined the line for the WWDC 2012 keynote at about 2am after having a night of virtually no sleep. The line had already been started and by morning, the line was huge. You'd think it was an iPhone launch day!

At about 5a, Seth and Justin from Nickelfish joined Rene in line.

At about 9a, I jumped over to the Starbucks right down the street from Moscone and, after realizing that their Wi-Fi was a major fail, tethered my MacBook Air to my Verizon 4G LTE iPad for the keynote.

Meanwhile, Rene, Seth, and Justin were being herded through the Moscone Center like a bunch of cattle.

During the Keynote, Rene and Seth rocked the live blog despite having major Wi-Fi failure. USB tethering with iPhones and iPads FTW!

When the Keynote was over, we were all starving, so we all went out for some delicious sushi and discussed all the good stuff that was announced during the keynote.

After lunch, it was time for Seth and Rene to head to the Apple Design Awards ceremony, but not before grabbing some coffee from Blue Bottle.

After the ADA event, Rene and I had tea with Paul Haddod (@tapbot_paul) of Tapbots. We discussed the keynote, Tweetbot, MacBook Pros, iOS 6, and more.

We had a great conversation that ended with a video interview (coming soon!).

Next on our agenda was to record a podcast with Seth and Justin, but first we made a quick stop at the Apple Store to pick up a couple of the new Smart Cases for the new iPad (review coming soon!).

The Smart Cases weren't even available on the sales floor at the Apple Store, yet, and had to be brought in for us from the back. Most of the Apple employees hadn't seen them yet, so we gathered quite a crowd of Apple employees drooling over our new cases.

After picking up our new cases, Rene, Seth, Justin, and I gathered on the floor in Rene's hotel room to record a special edition podcast of iPhone Live! It should be available for listening and download soon!

To end the day, Rene and I enjoyed a delicious dinner at Colibri Mexican Bistro before heading back to our rooms to edit videos, photos, podcasts, and more.

It was a hell of day! Four more to go!