WWDC 2017 swag: Denim jackets, country pins, and more!

When developers register for WWDC, along with their badge, Apple gives them a little thank you — a jackety emblazoned with the show's logo year. Some years it's been light cloth, other years more rain-proof vinyl. This year, Apple went with denim. That's right, WWDC 2017 is all about the black jean jacket.

Well, mostly. Apple is also giving away pins this year. They're modeled after the WWDC sticker pack that comes included with the WWDC app and include the retro rainbow Apple logo, hello in the traditional Mac script, the Swift icon, the sunglass emoji, the classic Mac icon, and the new Metal logo. 🤘

You also get a pin for the flag of your home and native land. The most popular countries right at registration, but no country is left behind. Guest services has all of them. (Seriously, check out my Instagram story!).

If you're attending WWDC, you can either pick up your jacket and pins at the venue any day this week.

Much more to come!

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Rene Ritchie

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