You can grab the JAMJAKE Stylus Pen for your iPad for just $24 right now

Jamjake Stylus Pen Ipad Lifestyle
Jamjake Stylus Pen Ipad Lifestyle (Image credit: JAMJAKE)

While we love the Apple Pencil, it's just a tad expensive (the first generation runs around $99, and the second-generation is even more at $130) for some of us, even with Black Friday Apple Pencil deals. But believe it or not, there are some great third-party Apple Pencil clones out there that do most of the same things as the Apple Pencil, but at a fraction of the cost. One of those is the JAMJAKE Stylus Pen, which you can grab for about $24, which is 49% off it's normal price of $50.

Even though the Apple Pencil is what we consider to be the best stylus for the iPad, let's face it — not everyone wants to pay about $100 or more for a stylus. The JAMJAKE Stylus Pen is a good alternative — it features palm rejection technology, so you can use it on your iPad just as you would use a pen on paper. The tip of the JAMJAKE Stylus Pen is a nib, so you'll get precision and accuracy when writing and drawing on your iPad. Of course, the nib may get worn down over time, but you get an extra replacement tip, so this stylus will last you a long time.

The JAMJAKE Stylus Pen also has wide compatibility with a variety of iPad models. This stylus works flawlessly with the 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2018-2020), sixth and seventh-generation iPad, iPad mini 5, and iPad Air 3 and later. It charges up via USB-C, going from zero to full in 90 minutes. The stylus pen will last 20 hours on continuous use, and have 365 days of standby time. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be magnetic so it won't "stick" to your iPad, so you may need a case with an Apple Pencil holder to keep it safe.

Keep in mind that the JAMJAKE Stylus Pen does not have pressure sensitivity (like most other third-party styli), so all lines will be the same thickness and require manual size adjustment in apps. Still, you're saving a good chunk of change, so it's just a minor inconvenience for great value.

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