Day One on iPadSource: Day One

What you need to know

  • The popular journaling app Day One has received an update.
  • Users can now use a trackpad to interact with the iPad app.
  • There are other changes including a way to quickly access today's entries.

Day One is one of the most popular journaling apps around and a new update adds support for using a trackpad on iPad. That alone would be a worthy update, but there's more going on under the hood.

The headline feature is very much support for trackpads, with multitouch gestures also included. You can use a two-finger swipe to open and close your journal drawer, for example

There's more to enjoy here, not least the usual array of bug fixes that come when a top-notch developer issues an update like this.


  • Day View: Gain quick access to today's entries by tapping on date in the calendar or main timeline.
  • Trackpad Support (iPad): Navigate the app with a trackpad, two-finger swipe down to dismiss, and two-finger horizontal swipe to open and close journal drawer.


  • Daily Reminders now include additional information like the number of photos you took and locations you visited during the day
  • Settings pages now provide links to Day One feature documents


  • Fixed video thumbnails from not displaying in the media timeline
  • Fixed activity feed to show photos without location or calendar events
  • Fixed a bug that was causing some text to be cut off in the multi-entry view
  • Various other bug fixes and UI updates to keep your journaling experience golden

Day One fans can download the update via the App Store now. The app's a free download for everyone else with in-app purchases available if you want to unlock Day One Premium.

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