After my HomePod (not) Review, I asked you to ask me anything about it. And wow did you! Does it work with Apple TV? Does it work with Mac? Can you use it outside the U.S.? What if your family has multiple Apple accounts? Can you control HomePod with iPhone or Apple Watch? How do you update it? Can you listen to Spotify? And what's with all the mono/stereo confusion? Here are your answers!

Wait, VECTOR is on YouTube now?

Exciting! I originally launched VECTOR as my tech opinion podcast a few years ago. When I needed a name for my tech opinion column on iMore, I went back to VECTOR. Earlier this year, I relaunched the VECTOR podcast as something more experimental — a variety show containing op-eds, interviews, roundtables, reviews, and more. Now, VECTOR is going to YouTube.

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It'll still be my regular column here on iMore. It'll still be a podcast if you prefer audio. But now it'll be on YouTube for everyone who enjoy watching more than listening. Sometimes the content will be the same across all three. My HomePod not-a-review is the perfect example:

Sometimes it'll be unique or different. My HomePod AMA, for example, felt like it fit best just as a podcast and a YouTube video:

Either way, text, audio, or video, my goal with VECTOR is to provide you with the absolute best information possible, from the best sources possible, so you can form the best opinions and make the best choices possible.

I'd love your feedback, so please let me know what you think!

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