ZOMG! iPod Nano 4G Case in the Wildz!

Was Kevin Rose right? Is the Analyst-busting 8-Ball now batting 500? Could there be any more speculation about something that's close-to, but not quite an iPhone?? Engadget Spanish (via MacRumors) has seen the usual pre-Special Event hype, and raised the first "in the wild" case leaks:

The case is by Hama and is a Sport Case specifically labeled "for iPod nano 4G".

While notoriously secretive Apple managed to shock the world with the iPhone in 2007, things have been a tad more leaky ever since, with the "fatty" Nano, MacBook Air, and even iPhone 3G details all getting out before Jobs could utter a single Boom!

Not many were thrilled with the Nano 3G prior to holding it in their hands, and not many seem thrilled with the advance peaks at the 4G either (calling it Zune-like -- ouch!). Personally, I'm not sold on the design yet either, but I've learned the hard way you don't ever count Jonathan Ive out.

What do you think? Hawt or really not?

Rene Ritchie

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