150,000 iPads Pre-Ordered, Which Ones are TiPb Getting?


With estimates of Apple's first weekend of iPad pre-orders already topping 150,000 units, we thought we'd take a quick look at just which models TiPb readers -- and staff -- were getting. We posted our survey on Friday, just as pre-orders started and the results can be seen above. A lot of you are either not getting one or are waiting before taking the plunge. For those of you who did pre-order, the cheapest 16GB iPad Wi-Fi was most popular, followed by the most expensive 64GB iPad 3G, and then the 32GB Wi-Fi model.

As to TiPb (and SPE!) staff, here's what we're getting and why:

  • Rene Ritchie: I went with the 16GB Wi-Fi version because I want it now and will be getting a 3G version as well so I'm keeping costs down up-front so I can splurge at the end. Yes, it's a sickness and no I don't want the cure!

  • Dieter Bohn: The iPad is an exercise in contradictions: looks like it could be a full, multitasking computer, but acts like a giant iPhone. Could be a giant iPhone, but the big screen makes it something more. So I figured I'd embrace the contradiction and get the craziest one in the lineup: 64 gigs, WiFi only. The fact that I have several phones which act as WiFi hotspots helps, though.

  • Chad Garrett: It was a tough call, but I need an iPad like NOW. So, I went with the 16GB Wi-Fi only model. I already have a 32GB iPhone 3GS so I can't see the justification of another $130 for 3G on the iPad. The base model will meet my needs just fine and fill the empty hole in my life.

  • Jeremy Sikora: I ordered a 32GB iPad Wi-Fi. I blame Rene.

  • Chris Vitek: I am going for the 3G because I want the option of having Internet/data connections even without wifi. The large disk size is so I can load lots of photos and media (mostly movies) and apps without worrying about running out of space. I would have preferred a larger storage size, but 64GB isn't too bad.

  • Matt Sawyers: I am going with the 3G iPad. While I expect to mostly use the iPad in WiFi areas, to know that I can get 3G away from a Wifi point if I need it. Also the fact that I will not have to pay for the service every month if I do not need it is an extra incentive! The 64GB size will be used for a large number of documents I like to have on the go & I will have a lot of my podcasts & videos on it as well.

  • Mickey Papillon, The Cell Phone Junkie: I went with the 16gb iPad because I wanted to get and use the iPad to keep up with the technology, but won't be keeping all my media on it. I determined from my 32gb iPhone that I don't use all the space on it, and in fact, most of the space on the iPhone is being used by music. I will not be putting any music on the iPad, as I have other devices that I use for music (like the iPhone and ipod).

  • Matt Miller, Nokia Experts: After much internal debate, I bought a 32GB WiFi-only version because I think it will be a great tool for my daily train commute. It may end up replacing my nook with the multiple ebook client support and it will keep me from buying this year's new iPhone, no matter how cool it might be. I can get a great iPhone app experience on the iPad without having to sign up for an AT&T contract. I never use my iPhone 3GS as a phone so the iPad should also replace my iPhone, but my daughter will be happy to take it from me.

If you pre-ordered the iPad, tell us which one you ordered and why!

Rene Ritchie

Editor-in-Chief of iMore, co-host of Iterate, Debug, Review, The TV Show, Vector, ZEN & TECH, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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There are 15 comments. Add yours.

dandbj13 says:

I would find the chart more useful if you didn't include those who are not getting an iPad, those waiting, and international, as they have nothing to do with who actually pre-ordered. This post is about the breakdown of pre-order numbers. That should be the whole chart, not a fraction of it. Please consider reworking it. Thanks

dandbj13 says:

I didn't even see the section for those lining up. Again, a useless category on a chart about pre-orders.

websyndicate says:

I dont have the space in my life for a new device and I really dont like the lack of features. I will wait for the 99 dollar ipad with camera and 3g it will come soon.

scott says:

I just can't see carring this this around day-to-day. Maybe after I see one for real, but right now, I don't think so. I don't know where to put it in my truck, where as my phone fits in a cup holder. It is not something to "use on the go" like the iPhone is. This is more of a "sit and look" device that a mobile one. And as I said in other posts, God save you if you should drop it. 1.5 pounds from about 3 feet will be moving pretty fast when that glass screen hits the ground.

Corlynn says:

Why oh why doesn't canada ever get to pre-order the cool stuff :(
That said, I'll be getting the 16GB wifi, as I barely fill my 16GB 3GS including music, and I can tether for the few times I actually need 3G on the run.
if I end up using this for NOTHING else but mail/web browsing on the go, it will be worth the $ to me. But i forsee much greatness from this device, once developers open up to the possibilities. Plus, what sci-fi nerd hasn't wanted a hand held computer like in EVERY sci-fi show/movie for years.
I'd have bought it for that alone.

Stinkypeas says:

@Scott physics tell us that any object no matter what the size will fall at the same speed. So if u drop your iPhone an ipad at the same time they will be going just as fast. Physics 101. Not trying to make u look bad just saying.

gravage says:

Preordered the 64gb 3G version. While I have two phones that can tether wirelessly, it would be nice not to rely on them. Also, only the 3G version comes with GPS and that's worth an extra $130 to me. I got the 64 gb version because 16 isn't really enough if you put any movies on it at all and while 32 would be sufficient, it's only $100 more for the 64. Go big or go home!
This will also more or less be a laptop replacement for me, so more space is better.

Baustin says:

True. However, physics also tells us that although it will be moving at the same speed, the ipad has more mass, therefore generating a greater amount of force. It's not the speed, but the force that matters in this scenario. Just thought I'd clear any confusion.

Stinkypeas says:

@baustin this is true in respect to inertia (I'm pretty sure I spelled that wrong) that the more mass an object has the more force it can generate but in regards to @Scotts statement 3 ft really is not enough distance for inertia to come into play. The force would only differenciate by a tiny amount. And like I said speed would be exactly the same. Now if were talking about dropping 200 ft then we gotta think about terminal velocity, and drag on the devices but that's physics 202 we'll leave that for another day.

sting7k says:

Saving my money for 4th gen iPhone. When is WWDC, I wanna see iPhone OS 4.0!

CPAmember says:

@baustin, stinkypeas,
Yes your both right. But what about your chances of droping an iPhone compared to an ipad? You can easily carry the iPhone in ur pocket or cup holder. But the ipad is much larger then that. So I think that the chances to drop ur ipad are much more.

Baustin says:

Yes we'd have to save a full explanation for 202. I will say this. At three feet (close enough to 1 meter) the device has reached one increment of it's exponential speed (not even close to terminal velocity). So basically both would be falling at the same rate but the ipad would still have at least triple the force exerted on itself because of the mass. You're right, I just think you're underestimating the force that can be created by 1.5 pounds (3 to 4 times greater than the iPhone). I think we should call the Mythbusters and check the damage!

Lady Kaede says:

Don't drop it!
I'm waiting until all of you get yours and tell me what's really right and wrong with them, and giving Apple a chance to address the wrongs, and then we'll see (but I do want one!). Hard to justify it in a household with 3 Macs (including a MacBook Air) and 3 iPhones . . .

Stinkypeas says:

@baustin I would watch that episode!

böbrek taşı says:

You can easily carry the iPhone in ur pocket or cup holder.