20 Things We Already Know About Apple's iTablet


Here I was dreading getting ready to write an article about how the January 2010 iTablet/iSlate/iPad release was poised to replicate the January 2007 iPhone release -- a completely unannounced yet still massively hyped product that everyone thinks will be a minor iteration on the previous big-hit product, with all the surrounding cheers and jeers to go with it -- when the saintly folks over at DOGHOUSE went and did it for all of us in tidy, 20 point form.

It's often said truth lies in comedy and in that regard, the list in hilarious.

Just over 12 hours to go!

[via Giz]

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20 Things We Already Know About Apple's iTablet


@Jesus Is asking him to make it bigger to hard for ya.
@Rene The text is too small to view on the iPhone can you make it bigger. Thanks.

I'm cool with my iPhone and my laptop. Apple is going to try to convince us that we need this device, but how many more "must have" devices can they force down our throats? And $1,000??? Who's going to pay that???

This is dead f'ing on. It's the same, trite, storyline of all of apple's recent releases. It's almost getting so formulaic that I'll ignore the blogs and make my own decision! Oh the horror!

No one forced the iPhone down my throat, I wanted it and I love it. What's the point of this device? It doesn't fit in your pocket and will do pretty much the same thing as the iPhone. I have read several articles stating the the price point is going to be in the $1,000 range.

I was actually able to read this on my iPhone
I just had to put it in landscape mode
makes the image larger
oh and yeah, these things are very true

I love (aka hate) people like mummer43 who have already speculated about A) what an unannounced device will do and B) what the price point will be. That's the definition of an "informed decision" if I've ever seen one.
Apple has made a business out of devices that are rumored to be mediocre and then turn out to be revolutionary. They aren't always (ahem cube, ahem apple tv) but most of the time when apple introduces a new product, it revolutionizes that space.
What I've learned after watching apple and buying their products for almost 30 years is: just wait for the f'ing announcement.

Where have I speculated what the price point will be? Did you not read where I said I saw in several articles? Don't be such Apple fan boy! I love my iPhone, but where do we draw the line? We already have computers and smart phones, why do we need something that is in between?

I already want one! Unfortunately I already know I can't justify spending whatever amount it will cost!!

21: TheRegister will pronounce it the Jesus Pad, or something equally funny, and it will Stick.
22 Sting7k and Chris will eat crow. ;)

  1. Some crime-solving, corpse-dissecting, bone-examining, I'm-retired-but-I-can-still-kick-people's-ass TV show will feature it running some bogus, completely useless application.

Agreed wait till it comes out. You like it get,if you don't like it don't get. I'm sure there are plenty of people who will.

A group of people will say they are waiting untile it has x feature before they buy one. It will get that feature. They still wont buy it.---------I am one of them. My x feature is all about the price, and it will never get that level.

  1. It will do nothing that has not been done before by several other devices, but will be hailed as revolutionary.

Price will start at 599, they will launch multiple models with different screen sizes and storage capacity. entry model will be 32gb with a 10" screen. That's my "educated" guess.

  1. At least one small liberal arts college will issue a press release stating that they're giving one to every incoming freshman.

I want a device that allows me to surf the web, read books, access face book and is portable, interactive and sits confortably in my lap. I do'nt need a device that can run Office or play Halo. The iTablet seems to fit the bill.

I think all saying t"ext is to small can't read" are like using a reader like google reader. Just got to the bottom of the page and there you should usually be link to actual source page. Hit that that and problem fixed. Page becomes clear and ability to zoom is restored.

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