$40 iPad 3G settlement checks from Apple, AT&T begin arriving

$40 iPad 3G settlement checks from Apple, AT&T begin arriving

Checks, as a result of a settlement from Apple and AT&T from the original iPad WiFi + 3G model, in the amount of $40 are beginning to arrive for U.S. customers. The settlement is from a class action lawsuit filed on behalf of iPad 3G owners who bought Apple's original first generation slate on the promise that it would allow users to stop and start a $30 unlimited monthly data plan at any time, a plan that AT&T had terminated about a month after the iPad was announced.

AT&T had subsequently switched to metered data plans, terminating the original $30 unlimited deal, though customers who are grandfathered into that plan were allowed to keep the unlimited data offering until they canceled.

Late last year, both companies agreed to settle the lawsuit and agreed to offer iPad customers $40 as a result of this abrupt change in data plan change, and now customers are reporting that they are starting to receive their checks in the mail.

iPad 3G settlement check

Did you buy the iPad WiFi + 3G in the U.S. where AT&T was the exclusive service provider at the time? Have you received your check yet?

Source: 9to5 Mac

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Reader comments

$40 iPad 3G settlement checks from Apple, AT&T begin arriving


I received a notice several months ago related to this settlement, saying I was entitled to a credit from ATT if I signed up for a data plan. Since my original 3G iPad is long gone, I opted out, and thought that was it, I was out of luck.

Then I received the $40 check today.

Christmas in July.

I had the original iPad with AT&T (and still have if floating around the house). I also got screwed by their plan changes. As I thought I could turn it on and off as I wanted. Turned if off after 2 months since I was not going to need it for a couple months then couldn't turn it back on without a different plan.

How do I get involved in this? Or did they do it automatically?

That ship has sailed. The filing deadline for the class action suit has long passed. You should have received an email or letter at the time the suit was announced.

Sorry, man.

An unlimited data plan for $30 per month with no contracts or salesclerks to deal with was revolutionary at that time. I kept mine for more than three years.