450,000 iPads sold, 600,000 iBooks, 3.5 million apps downloaded

iPad results at iPhone 4.0 event

As part of the iPhone 4.0 sneak preview event today, Steve Jobs announced some numbers about iPad sell-through to date (meaning Saturday to Thursday):

  • 450,000 iPads were sold. Best Buy was out of stock and Apple Retail was selling them as fast as they could get them.
  • 600,000 iBooks downloaded (which includes free Project Gutenberg titles, no doubt).
  • 3.5 million iPad apps download (ditto free apps).

Initial surge and early adoption or not, all in less than a week on the market has to be termed a success.

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Rene Ritchie

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450,000 iPads sold, 600,000 iBooks, 3.5 million apps downloaded


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