7-inch iPad a reality by this Christmas?

IDG News has translated a Economic Daily News report that is claiming that we should expect a 7" iPad by Christmas of this year.


blockquote>"The Economic Daily reports that Taiwanese companies have won a number of component contracts for the iPad 2. Chimei Innolux will supply 7-inch LCD screens, which use the same IPS (in-plane switching) technology found in the original iPad, which improves viewing angles and color on LCD screens. Touchscreen technology for the screens will come from Cando Corporation, the report says."

This is not the first we've heard of a 7" iPad as earlier this month iLounge was reporting that a 7" screened version is substantially finished and will be ready for a announcement either later this year or early in 2011.

So are any of our readers ready to lay down their hard-earned cash on a 7" iPad this holiday season?

[Mac Rumors]

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Reader comments

7-inch iPad a reality by this Christmas?


Same here iPad 2. How would the 7 in deal will apps. Will developers have to make their apps to now fit three products? The iPhone/Touch, and two iPads. Something I have noticed. I am in hot spots all the time, and with all the iPads sold, I very rarely see one. Everyone is on lap tops or iPhones. Think you would see more iPads.

I have a 10" iPad and really enjoy the screen size. 7" would be too small. Now a 4"+ iPhone, that would be something. I don't have an iPhone, but I would switch for that.

Heck no. I have my iPad, iPhone, and laptop to cover all possible scenarios and usage patterns.
As for apps, if the new 7" is the same resolution as current iPads, I see no issues in terms of support.

I wouldnt buy one for me, I love my iPad 64gig, but I might buy one as a gift for someone if the price is reasonable!

Will a 7 inch iPad compete directly with eReaders like the Kindle and Nook? Of course in order to do that, the price of a 7" inch iPad would have to be significantly decreased. I just bought my wife a Nook because an iPad would have been overkill (price and functionality-wise(she has an iPhone) for her just to read books.

I'm fairly certain this smaller iPad would have the exact same 1024x768 resolution as the 9", meaning that all apps would work exactly the same, and text would be just as readable (as long as your eyes could see smaller letters just as well). Another benefit is the screen would look less pixilated, since the pixels would be smaller.
Also, thumb typing might be a possibility on this , since the letters aren't so spread out.
I could see a lot of benefits in this. In fact, I'm kind of wondering if I'd prefer this over my current iPad. Though one drawback I see is less room for batteries inside, meaning less battery life, potentially.

This would be lighter, more portable, possibly cheaper, and run the ipad apps. It's a win. Especially for the 4yr old, as she had a hard time holding the bigger ipad for long.
I'd consider it.

I just don't think this is going to happen, but here's a possibility I just considered: iPad mini 7" with 960x640 display. Runs iPhone-style interface (iPad ui might make interface elements too small) and iPhone apps. Still better pixel density than iPad to appease the people obsessed with that. Just saying.
You heard it here first.

@JR Then that would be an ipod touch.
If they call it an ipad, then it'll run ipad apps. iPad apps are HD.

I would buy one in a hearbeat. I have the iPad 64GB right now, but I don't carry it everywhere with me, because it's awkward and large and just doesn't work out well for most scenarios. A 7" would get a lot more use from me when I'm not at home, and the 10" is great while I'm at home but not on my computer. I hope they do this. As stated in another comment, it's also a perfect (read: not $600.00) gift idea.

A 7" iPad would be a good fit for my wife, who could carry it in her purse. I would prefer a 4.5" iPhone or iPod Touch that will fit in a reasonably-sized belt case, and would compete well against the larger Android phones that appear to be selling well.

Nope - Like others, I'm waiting for the 9.7" iPad 2, which I assume will be outfitted with everything needed to run Facetime. I'll be standing in line for the 64GB model. If they add a USB port and a SD slot, it will be perfect.

Next christmas, Apple can release an iPod Touch called the iPad Nano. Anyway, I agree with cardfan and think this iPad is a good idea, since children use iPads and the current models are too heavy.

iTouch L, a 7" version of the iTouch XL?
Seriously, SD card slot, USB port, and front facing camera go.
We don't need ANOTHER iTouch size.

This will sell like crazy; just like the current iPad. As for the resolution, I speculate that the resolution would match the current iPad, allowing for interpolability of apps. If they can fit all those pixels on the iPhone 4 they can certainly shrink the iPad screen a bit and keep the resolution. I would buy a 7" iPad for my fiance in an instant; we currently try to share the iPad and the lack of user accounts is somewhat frustrating, especially with no good way to currently organize apps. I plan on selling my wifi 32gb iPad in the spring when we get positive confirmation of a front facing camera/ face time, and picking up the new one at launch.
I like the idea that the iPod touch will eventually be called the iPad nano. I think it's highly feasible solution to the differing designs and interfaces in the current "iPod" lineup, and would pull perception of the device away from simply being a mp3 player, and would allow ittobeseen more clearly as the PDA that it really is. I predict will be eventually see an iPad XL too with something like a 13" screen. Now wouldn't that be wild!

Photoshoped much? Both those iPad's have the same reflection. Hahaha. But being silly aside, why would there be a need to introduce another iOS product with a different screen size? That would be more work for Apple and developers to create optimized apps for 4 different screen resolutions. Sounds like Android fragmentation?

hmm, maybe a camera may make me more exciting! Then I can take many favourite videos, rather than download the videos or rip DVD movies to my iPad with ifunia iPad video converter doing the conversion. I do hope there are a camera on iPad!!!

@Victor....Unfortunately we'll never see an iPad at a $199 price point as it would hurt iPod sales....
But I agree with the majority of posts in this thread....give me facetime, retina display and gyroscope on the iPad 2 and consider me sold even at a $499 price point.

I can see apple doing this to lower the price, improve the screen image by keeping the same pixel count just in a tighter package, and it will cut into Kindle and Nook sales. Major function with access to all the apps and a lighter easier to hold package. Why wouldn't apple do this?

No. No. No. Apple cannot make iPads fast enough. They are selling so well that Apple has nothing to gain by releasing a 7" iPad. All it will do is piss off the people who just bought an iPad who would've otherwise bought the 7" version. The iPad is so popular and still so new that there is no way Apple would release a new version. No way. I predict that we won't see any segmentation of the iPad line for at least another 2 years. No chance we get a 7" iPad before 2011, and most likely not until 2012.

I can't see this happening, I think that at best they are field testing the next iPad that will be released next year. The iPad is selling too well for Apple to even consider release yet another platform.
Also, I don't think that we will see a retina display on the iPad for quite a while for it to achieve the 326dpi that the iPhone 4 has would mean that it would have to have a higher resolution than most high end laptops and monitors, there is nohing wrong with the current display unless you want it purely for bragging rights.
It has been said that the A4 can't handle full HD so there is no way it could support a 9.7inch retina display, I think that we will see a FaceTime camera and more RAM. But only Apple knows what Apple is going to do next.