Amazon holding a press conference on September 28, is it to announce its iPad competitor?

Amazon is sending out invites for a press conference on Wednesday September 28 in New York. The word on the street is that Amazon will finally make one of the worst kept tech secrets official and announce its iPad competitor. The invite gives nothing away; it’s just a text based invite with no clues at all.

Rumors have always pointed to Amazon launching a tablet around the October timeframe so this announcement would fit in nicely with that. The tablet in case you haven’t heard yet will be a 7-inch full color affair, built on a heavily customized version of Android and should be available for as little as $250.

One thing is now for sure, we will not have to wait much longer to see exactly how Amazon plans on taking on Apple and the iPad in particular. The next few weeks should be some of the most interesting of the year!

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Amazon holding a press conference on September 28, is it to announce its iPad competitor?


No eInk, no sale. They are going to hurt themselves if they don't keep pushing forward in the area that made them successful.

I may be wrong, but I don't think there is time to make an official announcement, get journalists ready, book a place like Moscone and make all arrangements for 9/29-30.

I'll give you that. Apple usually doesn't announce until < 10 days before. Usually someone saying something this close [with sources] means it is true.
We'll see though. I agree...until Apple says it it isn't true. :)

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