Amazon joins the trend of knocking Apple in its latest Kindle commercial, three Kindles for the price of one iPad

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Amazon has joined the trend set by Samsung in knocking Apple in its commercials. Amazon’s latest commercial for its range of Kindle devices goes all out to make the point that you can buy three Kindle devices for the cost of one iPad. That would be two Kindle Fire tablets and one Kindle which would come to a total cost of $477.

This is not the first time that Amazon has made comparisons with the iPad. In a previous Kindle commercial, Amazon made the point that the Kindle was easier to read in direct sunlight, is smaller, lighter and less expensive than Apple’s iPad too. This time it is purely about the price and no mention of feature comparisons.

The Kindle Fire does appear to be the closest competitor to the iPad so far. It is extremely cheap to buy at just $199 however it also lacks a lot of the main features that the iPad has to offer. It will be interesting to see how it is selling if Amazon ever reveals any figures.

Source: TNW

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Reader comments

Amazon joins the trend of knocking Apple in its latest Kindle commercial, three Kindles for the price of one iPad


Give it a rest guys. It's called competition. It happens all the time across many industries. Calling it a "trend of knocking Apple" is silly.
BTW, "GOES ALL OUT to make the point that you can buy three Kindle devices for the cost of one iPad" is a bit of an exaggeration. The first half of the commercial was more about features. In 30 seconds price, reading in direct sunlight and viewing media were all covered.

Exactly. Chevy even names their competition. The one dude driving a Ford didn't survive the apocalypse!

Amazon makes some good points. They certainly win on price and for pleasure reading. Of course, once you start to move beyond that, things change.
BUT, if I shell out to go to a nice tropic resort, the LAST thing I'm going to be doing is reading my Kindle OR iPad! And, if my kids have nothing better to do than use Kindles, it is a pretty sad state of affairs. If I want to do that, I can stay home on a rainy day and save a LOT of money.

Suggesting 3 Kindles is somehow the equivalent of 1 iPad is humorous. Next up we'll see a bicycle manufacturer trying to push 60 of their bikes as a better option than purchasing a car.

The silly thing isn't that Amazon brought attention to the price of the Kindle, because that's a valid point to make. The problem is that they're effectively saying to people "hey, wouldn't it be great to have to carry MORE devices?"

Not really. The point I got from the commercial is that you can find a device that meets the specific needs of a few family members and still pay less than buying a single iPad. So the mom that really wants to read would get a device that is different from that of the kid that really wants to watch movies and play games. Everyone gets exactly what they need and you still come in under the cost of a singel iPad (and way under the cost of supplying iPads to all 3 family members).
It's a valid point to make, in my opinion, because not everyone in the market for a tablet-like device needs an iPad.

Comparing the Kindle Fire to iPad is like comparing a Ford Fiesta to a BMW M3 just because both have four wheels. In the end you get exactly what you pay for.

Yeah, something that will drive you from A to B in the exact same fashion, only one will get envious glances and the other will not.

VERY well put Carioca!!! There's no doubt that Apple makes great products but the Apple Arrogance and Condescension of many users have put me off for many years. How a purchase decision makes one an Elitist is beyond me.

I find it curious the animosity, towards what everyone calls an apple fan boy, it seems to me you can paint the same face about other platforms the way people trash Apple and their products and praise competitors.
I have been using computers professionally and personally for 20 years starting with the commodore amiga but switched to PC/Windows when it was obvious commodore didn't have the wherewithal to take their machine to the next level. I resisted Apple for years and years because of price and lack of software, however three years ago we lost most of our computers and networking equipment because of theft. I switch everything over to Apple when I started to replace what was stolen and haven't looked back since.
what my experience has shown me:
1. Although my front end costs where higher, my long term costs are lower. I haven't had to upgrade hardware, repair or replace anything, or spend dozen or so sleepless nights fixing hardware or software issues. I bought the hardware, set it up and it works. I compared my investment and operating costs the last three years comparing to the previous three years using Windows/PC equipment and the three years using apple where about 10% lower than the previous 3 years using Windows/Pc equipment.

  1. Software, at least now isn't an issue anymore for me. I can do what I need regardless of the device and not have any problems using files and data on the windows PCs at work. Depending on your needs your mileage might vary on this topic.
  2. The hardware is beautifully designed, my family and myself derive a lot of personal satisfaction using Apple devices and other than iPhone screen cracks (my daughter is rough on equipment) MacBooks, iPhones, iPads and Mac mini are holding up well and actually look closer to new condition than our previous Windows/PC equipment looked after three years.

What is the point of buying 3 Amazon Kindles if with all 3 of them you won't be able to do 1/3 of what you can do with an iPad?

Because it was a device for each family member. So the real decision here would be 3 iPads or 3 (some other device)...unless you think it's fine to just buy one iPad and have all 3 family members take turn using it. That's valid but maybe not convenient enough for all families.
The reality is some families will have a mix of iPads and other "tablet" devices (put that in quotes to try and avoid the "that's not a real tablet" arguments). So mentioning cost is perfectly valid considering the need of each family member may be different.

Have no kids can't argue on that point. I try to take as much advantage out of my iPad as i possibly can. Could not imagine using another device.

Have done perfectly well with out flash. Read Steve Jobs book you'll understand why it does not have flash and it probably will never have.

In this economy, the message will hit home for many. And given the average intelligence of the endlessly-unsuspecting and uninformed American public, many will end up with these devices with a moderate amount of disappointment and regret in its hardware, lack of integration with other devices, and unpolished OS and comparatively lacking app library, only to lace it with some poor rationalization in an attempt to compensate for it.
Ignorance really is bliss, at least for the companies that prey on them.

Has anyone ever noticed how apple gets upset at these attacks, but have no problem doing it themselves? I remember a certain PC Vs. Mac commercial. All of these companies remind me of a bunch of children crying over spilt milk, and yes I do have an Iphone and a Macbook pro. I just bought them and I do enjoy then. I just think apple is no better a company then Google, Samsung or Microsoft. They might have a better product then others ( Mac > PC ), but they are still a company. They will cut the throats of anyone who threatens profits. aka Samsung.
I wouldn't even encourage the trolls who will either say yeah! Screw them for doing that to apple, of the Apple sucks conversations.

You hit the nail on the head. Tipb - oops I mean imore - is so permanently on the tit of Apple. It's sad how they have nothing better to do than fill their site w useless fluff like this. I get that this is an Apple/i-Device blog, but come on, at least be a little objectionable. I come to this site for Apple news; not to hear a bunch of cheerleaders carrying water for their favorite little company from Cupertino. And needless to say, my browser hits this sight a lot less often these days.

  1. Apple hasn't gotten "upset" at these commercials. Provide some factual basis for your claim.
  2. I don't think they concern themselves with Amazon's threat to their profit share. They own 80+% of the tablet market as is and have a new device coming out in 2 months.

Sure iMore may make these claims. This is a blog. Blogs are heavily subjective and highly opinionated. iMore is not Apple. Facts.

This site censors user comments that are critical of their reporting. I encourage readers to move over to bgr, Engadget, macrumors, anything. Stopping the free flow of ideas is the antithesis of what the tech community is all about.

Yeah direct people to BGR lol. They closed their comments down because of people expressing their opinions. And nothing they say in true.

So Apple advertises themselves and Samsung and Amazon advertise Apple too.
Not acknowledging your competitors is the best thing. Why compare and alert people to other products. All they've highlighted here is everyones buying iPads and they should actually get a Kindle. But 3 wrongs don't make an iPad :-)

"Hi, I'm a Mac."
"Hi, I'm a PC."
Oh, enough said...
So when will you make the comment that Apple actually started the trend of mentioning their competition in a negative connotation.

I agree with th8cencorship....the moment someone says something negative on this's deleted...freakin retarded they don't do that on other sites. Why don't you just let people talk their crap and suck it up. If they are wrong they are wrong someone else will comment in here and prove it wrong anyways. Unless you guys are afraid most of it is the truth.

apple dont even need to advertise thier products they have mules like samsung, amazon and other company to advertise for them without even paying them so the real winner is apple these companies need to mention apple in thier adds just to hook the customer to show what they have to offer :p

I guess if I had a couple of little kids and a wife and wasn't rich, I'd get them kindles and get myself the iPad because I need more functionality and apps than either model of Kindle provides. I don't, so a Kindle definitely won't do anything for me. Sure, it costs less but so do PC Laptops compared to my Macbook Pro. You get what you pay for, in this case. Cheap Android based technology.

Not mad, Not a fanboy..I like both Windows and Mac I? aallcuty prefer Windows, but I dont hate on Apple ..and nice grammar boi ..are you mad? are you a Fanboy?

1. Apple is not upset by these attacks. Where in the article does it say "apple is upset by this commercial"?
2. The amount of advertising apple gets for these things is overwhelming. I'll have people walking to my store to compare a kindle fire to an iPad and almost crap themselves when they actually COMPARE. The kindle fire is a colorful, 7 inch toy. The iPad is eating up laptop sales (completely destroyed the netbook business) and are paving the way to the future because it is a capable device. I HIGHLY doubt apple is upset by these commercials. People are becoming more and more computer literate and are wanting to get a piece of what apple has to offer. Granted, apple is not perfect, but they really are doing all they can to advance technology today. Healthcare, education, innovation, you name it.

No feature comparison? The kindle girl is clearly reading hers in direct sunlight while the iPad chump is cupping his hand over his display when he comes over.

My thought is the "typical" is more "stereotypical" - The thing with most stereotypes are that they exist because there are people that fit it, but it is rarely the majority.

I'm sure Tom Coughlin would want three Tyler Palko's at quarterback in favor of one Eli Manning.
This is one of the dumbest arguments I've heard so far. Yep, multiple devices instead of one.......One MP3 player, one Internet device, one phone, one camera.
Yep, multiple devices is where it's at!

It's clear you missed the point... Should Tom field Eli Manning, Bradshaw, Nicks, Manningham, and Beckum against 11 New England Patriot defensive players? As a die-hard Giants fan I would hate to watch that. It would be called "Big Blue Wrecked".
I love my iPad but if I was going on vacation with a wife and 2 kids and I couldn't afford 4 iPads it would be nice to have an iPad, 2 Kindle Fires and a Kindle reading device to keep 4 people busy for less than 2 $499 iPads.

I think the point of the ad was to highlight the price point of the Kindle devices more than compare and contrast the features to iPad. It was obviously geared towards folks that are driven more by price than features. I mean, listen, I am an iPhone, ATV, Airport, and MBA user, my wife has iPad and 4s - we're in the ecosystem - but Kindle is good for some people. Bought my mom a Fire for her bday and she loves it. It's a good fit for her. It's important to remember that Apple products are expensive and only affordable by a small minority. Kindle may not have all the features and polish of iPad, but for someone that doesn't have $500 for a tablet, the Fire is a great substitute.

The only point that needs to be made is that both Samsung anf Amazon are still putting their devices up against the iDevices. They could go up against HTC, HP, RIM (ANYTHING!), but they chose Apple. I believe it was Renee who originally stated that that is why Apple is winning. Companies feel they need to compete with Apple, not each other. Apple is the house, and the other companies are the players in a blackjack game. Ultimately, the house is the winner, and makes the most money.

I don't understand that logic of they are competing with Apple and that's why Apple is winning. I think they are competing with Apple BECAUSE Apple is winning. I don't see Amazon running many ads about the small mom & pop bookstore on the corner. On the other hand, that corner store will have to sell potential customers on why they should shop there rather than go with the online giant. It's natural for people to compete with the market leader. Isn't it the same reason Apple targeted PC users just a little while ago?

Its trying to show that you don't have to spend 500 on a closed iTunes only tablet. No one on here will ever understand that low price can mean a great experience. They need to justify there overpriced Apple device.

Who cares really?! If you like Kindle, get one. If you like iPad, get one. Hell, I'd like one of each, actually. PC's are usually less expensive than Mac's too, but you won't see me rushing out to save a dime next time my junk PC dies... Just sayin. To each his/her own.

Good point. If I didn't have an iPod touch, I'd probably want a Kindle to go with my iPad. The iPad, while being a very good e-reader when I'm doing research work (actually, considerably better than a Kindle), isn't a very good e-reader if I'm laying in bed or relaxing in a chair. Fortunately, the iPod works even better, so I'm set.

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truth hurts.
Amazon is right. 3 kindles for the price of one ipad. And if all you want to do is read and watch a movie you can do it on a kindle. It's competition. get over it.

funny.. i learn about all these commercials from the tech sites since i dont even have a TV at home otheriwse i wouldnt even know they exist lol. on a side note, the amazon commercial is pretty dumb who would want to carry two or more devices? not me definitely. I even leave my ipad at home most of the time when i know I wont need it today. plus number of quality apps and especially quality games available for ipad are for more exceeding than for android tablets. thats one of the reasons i didnt go with android tablet

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