Amazon launching iPad competitor this fall?

Amazon launching iPad competitor this fall?

Hit and miss rumor site Digitimes is reporting that Kindle-maker Amazon is set to launch their own, fully featured, iPad competitor as early as August/September. That's to catch the lucrative holiday sales period.

Amazon adopts processors developed by Texas Instruments, with Taiwan-based Wintek to supply touch panels, ILI Technology to supply LCD driver ICs and Quanta Computer responsible for assembly, the sources indicated. Monthly shipments are expected to be 700,000-800,000 units.

Amazon will provide streaming movie services for users of its tablet PCs, the sources noted.

So far no, not Google's manufacturing partners Samsung or Motorola with the Galaxy Tab or Xoom, not RIM's Playbook, have come anywhere close to encroaching on iPad's tens of millions of units sold. HP will be fielding the TouchPad in just over a week, but like TiPb's been saying from the start -- there's no tablet market yet, just an iPad market.

And with rumors Apple might introduce an iPad 3 or iPad 2 variant this fall, there's no signs of anyone catching up yet either.

Can Amazon change that? Or would they still just be bringing content to an experience fight?


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Rene Ritchie

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Amazon launching iPad competitor this fall?


My standard is the touch interface. I don't care what the device has on it. If I pick it up and the touch interface is anything less than the precision of Apple it's an instant no go. No device to date has matched Apples responsiveness which I find rather interesting.

Yeah just like all of those iPhone killers out there LOL if youre a cheap ass you get an off brand tablet or something like a zoom, if you know what youre talking about, you get an iPad... simple as that

You have no idea what you're talking about. The issue of the Xoom was that it wasn't priced low enough. Then Apple themselves stated the selling point of the iPad was the fact that it's priced lower than alternatives...
So how is it you're a cheap ass if you get a more expensive tablet? Just wondering.

I'm sure the haters will spit all over the notion, but I remember when everybody laughed at the idea of this weird thing called a "Kindle" and the crazy thoughts that anybody would want to read a book on a screen.

I'd honestly give it to Samsung or Amazon.
Samsung simply because of brand and ability to push and market their products. A good case is that the ONLY tablet to even make a noticeable gain in the "iPad market," as Rene puts it, was the horrible, oversized phone Galaxy Tab.
Amazon would make it because of their retail prowess, ability to sell at lower prices and take the hit, their constantly evolving ecosystem (music, apps, books, shopping).
Everyone else would just be nipping at the heels of one of those three.

I don't get why bloggers feel the need to always make it seem that something has to outdo the Apple alternative to be successful. Android as a whole is selling. Individually, OEMs are satisfied with their profits and acceptance of these phones. Nobody but the fans (on both sides), biased bloggers, and media trying to get hits are making it a big spectacle.
In the end, if Amazon does bring one out, them, along with Samsung and Apple, will rule the tablet market. Only these three companies have the ability, scale, and marketing savvy to push it. Everyone else just misses the point (especially Motorola).
Apple has it's on market the way I look at it. People who want Apple aren't going to buy anything else but Apple. The end. People who want other choices are going to wait until they see one they like. That's just how it will be.

Note to Amazon... We are Apple & we sue anybody that can possibly make something that competes with us. If you do this expect our lawyers to call you soon. On a side note... Please continue to lower the price of our outrageously over priced computer tech you carry. We realize that volume of scale is our only chance to remain relevant as we continue to sit idly by & watch others innovate, including our own jailbreak community, then happily steal their ideas & call it our own lol. Oh & you Samsung, Google, IBM, television makers and most other companies won't be alone that we sue. We have a case we are preparing in San Francisco right now that will be against God. He had no right to use that title as its reserved for our CEO. Thank you