Apple adding second manufacturer to meet demand for iPad 3 this fall?

Apple adding second manufacturer to meet demand for iPad 3 this fall?

Randomly accurate rumor site Digitimes claims that Apple is adding a second contractor to meet iPad 3 (or iPad 2 HD/Pro/Plus) demand this fall. That's right, they're also throwing their hat into the "Apple launching a second iPad in 2011" ring.

The latest market rumors also indicated that the new iPad may be named iPad 2 plus and will be thinner than its predecessors yet with upgraded display.

The new iPads will be launched at the end of the third quarter or early in the fourth quarter, noted the sources. Total shipments of iPad tablet PCs are expected to top 13 million units in the third quarter, estimated the sources.

They're pegging Petagron, which makes the Verizon iPhone and might get iPhone 5 business, as being the additional manufacturer. Despite being far and away the market leader, Apple has struggled to meet demand for both iPhone and iPad, and it makes sense they'd like to address this one chink in their otherwise adamantine mobile armor.


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Apple adding second manufacturer to meet demand for iPad 3 this fall?


Should i still buy my ipad 2? I am sure the iPad 2 Pro will cost more and Apple seems smart enough to not release the ipad 3 the same year as the ipad 2.

Buy the iPad 2. Apple most likely is getting more contractors to keep up iPad 2 demand. There is no way apple will release a new iPad in the same year. There is no need as demand is crazy and sells are good. They are going to ride this wave until next year, when iPad 3 will most likely be released. These iPad 3 rumors need to stop. I'm enjoying my iPad 2 with no regrets, and I'm sure apple will not screw me over like they didn't screw verizon costumers who bought the iPhone 4 by releasing the iPhone 5 soon after.

Apple will release a product when they feel they are ready to release a product. It's that simple. They won't wait to release a product just to soothe your anger for not waiting. Get used to it. You need to get over the fact that Apple or any company owes you anything except for the fact that the products they sell work as well as intended and / or advertised.

Who in the world is angry? FYI I could afford any iPad at any time...including any iPad 2 HD if there were one to come out. It would not make any sense, from an economic point of view, to release a new product of a version that already is making huge profits and sells. As long as demand outpaces supply, apple will continue to reap the profits off the just released iPad 2. That's economics 101 for you. Please go troll somewhere else.

I'm pissed off just reading this. Seriously Apple?!? I know technology progresses, but this is ridiculous. I think I'm irritated by the fact that there is NO product roadmap for Apple yet we are made to guess as to when to buy their products.

Oh grow up, what do you expect apple to just delay a release because your pissed that u bought one of te earlier models ? Thanks for being a early adopter Aka beta tester ! I say release new tech every chance it's availbe and move forward, not stationary I doubt the competiors are waiting around with their products !

I agree- you buy something NOW because it meets your need. If you want the latest all the time then be prepared for this.
Roadmap? what for? Like that helped the people at RIM. Roadmap are daydream wishes that delays purchases. We are consumers need to be more aware of our needs and purchase against them instead of trying to be ahead of the curve or early adopters.