Apple adds iPad mini Smart Cover video to YouTube

Apple has added a short promo video for the iPad mini Smart Cover to their YouTube account. It's 36 seconds in length, features fun piano music and focuses on how it magnetically attached to the iPad and the wide selection of colors: pink, green, blue, light gray, dark gray and (PRODUCT) RED. The focus on the colors is done to the beat of the song and includes some cute tie-ins by making the Smart Covers look like piano keys and fingers tapping on the iPad mini to the beat as if playing a piano.

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Leanna Lofte

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Apple adds iPad mini Smart Cover video to YouTube


7.9 inch doesn't feel mini to me and why is everyone becthing about the price if 5 million will sell in the first month.

As far as the screen size goes, it's not that much smaller than the full-size iPad. If I remember correctly, the iPad mini's screen size is 67% the size of the full-size iPad, but it's half the weight and can be held in one hand much more comfortably.