Apple adds new 'Why you'll love iPad' section to their website

Apple adds new 'Why you'll love iPad' section to their website

Following Apple's new 'Why you'll love iPhone' campaign, they have now done the same for the iPad. The new page on Apple's site highlights both the iPad and iPad mini and why existing users already love it.

Apple's main focus seems to be on the features that set the iPad and iPad mini apart with a strong emphasis on the availability of apps, battery life, and LTE. Interestingly, out of all the features that Apple has decided to tout, the first feature they decided to list were some statistics for how many users are currently using iPads and how many school systems and government agencies have or plan to deploy iPads.

Unlike their iPhone campaign, Apple didn't decide to compare it to other tablets on the market but instead highlight the features that they think highlight why people already love iPad. Hit the link below to see all the features Apple chose in their entirety.

Source: Apple

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Reader comments

Apple adds new 'Why you'll love iPad' section to their website


Quite honestly, the biggest thing that makes the iPad better than other tablets out there is the number of apps and battery life. And those are two of the biggest things people look for in a tablet

Agreed Strings78. I've owned a Samsung Galaxy Tab, Asus TF-300T and the Nexus 7. All of which had less than stellar battery life and the apps are mainly stretched phone apps. It was never a truly pleasant experience.

I now have an LTE iPad mini and I LOVE it. I've never used a tablet as much since I got my iPad. Far better apps and MUCH better battery life.

And that's the worst part of Android IMO. The fragmentation and the lack of QUALITY apps. Yes they have a large number of apps, but how many of them are up to the same quality of iPad apps?

I think all three points are the main reason that made me want an iPad. I think they are on point with this one. The others can't offer those features. I love my iPad and the apps!

The best reason to get an iPad over any other tablet has to be the apps: they completely make the device. If it wasn't for them, I can easily see more people flock to cheaper Android tablets. Really smart of Apple to put it near the top of the list, and highlight the main advantage that's only available to them in the tablet space.

Why would I not love iPad? Or iPhone? Or Mac??? (Team Apple) But Apple (in my sight) is both trying to defend its products and show the competition who's boss. Great article :)

"It's beautifully made. And performs beautifully."

I can second that! I've had the pleasure of using my brother's iPad and an Android tablet on different occasions, especially side-by-side and there's no denying that the iPad outshines the Android tablet offerings in most areas easily. I love Android, but overall the iPad is still one of the best tablet available right now that performs exceptionally well without much lags or performance issues. Even playing the heaviest of games can outlast much longer in terms of battery.

I don't own a tablet myself, as I right now don't have much need for one, yet! Admittedly, I'm looking forward to trying out my hands on MS Surface as well as that also has its own appeal.

I have the iPad mini as well as the Blackberry Playbook. Both have comparable hardware specs. The Playbook is heavier and more sturdy, has better audio, the display is as good as or better than the iPad, the battery life on both is comparable and you can pick up a Playbook for around the $100 mark. The down side on the Playbook is the OS is a bit flakey and the lack of some of the more prominent and desirable apps. I do like the ability to play flash in the browser but the page loads are a bit slower than the iPad. The iPad is lighter, loads web pages a bit faster and has more apps. I find myself flipping back and forth between the two devices, depending on what I am doing.

Personally, I love my iPad 1 (Wifi). It can do everything I want with AMAZING BATTERY life. The only problem is that my outdated iPad doesn't have a gyroscope so I can't play all my games that I want. Even though it has it's hardware limitations, it's battery life is AMAZING compared to my silly iPhone.

As far as phones go it is debatable if apple is still the best ! For me they are 100% and I really don't like android, but they are getting better all the time and even I cannot deny that.
But when it comes to tablets the ipad is number one and there is no denying that unless you are a massive android fanboy with your blinkers on.
I have owned the first three gen iPads and I am currently using a 64gb ipad mini which I absolutely love.
My youngest son owns a nexus 7 tablet and although it is a very nice little tablet and the best android experience I have ever had. It is still nowhere near as good as ipad mainly due to apps battery life and the smoothness of iOS.