Apple Begins Shipping iPad. Is Yours On its Way?


Looks like Apple has begun to ship out pre-ordered iPads for delivery on April 3. At least many of you out there are getting your shipment notices at long last. While it likely won't take the guys and gals in trucks a full 6 days to get to your house, Apple almost certainly has holds for delivery in place to make sure no one gets an iPad early. Still, we can dream.

Let us know if your iPad is on its way! (And what app, if any, you're using to track the package).

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in, and appreciation to everyone in shipping-land who has to lug tons of iPads around for delivery this week!]

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Apple Begins Shipping iPad. Is Yours On its Way?


Nice to wake up on this cold and rainy day to see that mine has shipped! I'm gonna try out trackerlite for this one. I don't get enough things shipped, to or from, to justify splurging on a paid app. This is gonna be a long week.

Dang it, my preorder was done on MON 15 MAR and it's not yet charged or shipped -- but it still says it will deliver on 3 APR.

I'm happy for the fellow bloggers that will be receiving their iPads soon! But can I get some 3.2 love for the iPhone April 3?

The Best Buy near us in Costa Mesa, CA said that they will only receive 13-15 units on the 3rd. They said that the Best Buy financing of 18 months same as cash will be available for the iPad. Making it a cheap monthly payment.

Mine is on the way..... Hope someone screws up and it arrives early! LOL But I'm not holding my breath.

Mine has not shipped yet, the cash in my account was held, now it's back in my account, checked my order status and says, "not yet shipped." I can't wait until Sat!!!!!!

mine shipped early this morning... as someone said, i kinda hope UPS screws up and doesn't hold it until saturday... id love to play with it early!

I preordered before 7am on the first day, no shipping yet :(
However, I live in a major metro area, I'm wondering if they're shipping to rural areas and smaller cities first because they know they'll take longer to get there.

this is a picture from, so i think it's the actuall iPad box.
lucky americans. I have to wait until late of april to get one in germany...

Mine says shipped this morning and I have the UPS tracking number. It also says received BY April 3. Does this mean I could maybe get BEFORE Saturday???? Yeah Me!!!!! You can also pre-sign for this shipment which I did, cuz what are the odds that UPS and I are going to be at my house at the same time??? Don't want to spend the weekend without my IPAD. Gonna be a great week!!!!!

Mine shipped, but I cant track it...anyone else having this problem??
When I search under my tracking number, it goes to the UPS website and just says that there is no order found under this number...

Mine is now prepared for shipping, checking status every hour!!! Should be shipped tomorrow morning, hopefully.

FACTS (These have been verified and are NOT just personal opinion) xD
UPS is delivering all the iPads that were promised for April 3rd ON april 3rd, regardless of whether or not Saturday shipping is regularly offered in your area. This is coming directly from UPS management.
The distribution centers have orders to hold all shipments until the official release date. That means that you will not receive your iPad before April 3rd.
To anyone who has a tracking number, but UPS says it does not yet exist: If the shipments are prepared and issued tracking numbers, it can still be hours until the shipment registers in the online tracking system.

Mine originally said 'shipped on Mar 31' then changed to 'Apr 1' now it is back to 'Mar 31'
weird huh? Still have a April 3rd delivery day though. status is still showing "Billing Information Received" and no tracking data. Apple tells me their system shows it was transfered to UPS and UPS tells me they never picked it up. So if it does not arrive by Monday I have to wait until Wednesday to officially report I never got it.

Mine says billing info received.
Also, my order status on the apple website says "Delivers on April 3rd"
I spoke with Apple this morning and the representative stated that as long as you have delivery on Saturday, you will receive it. She also said they are sending emails to customers who have Saturday delivery but still may not receive it.
I have not yet received an email, so I am hoping I am fine.
BTW - UPS had no explanation for the shipping information. I said, "how can you not know where a package is? Shipping businesses live or die by that now. You have a tracking number, when was the last time it was scanned?"
She said, "Sorry. I have no other information."
thanks lady :-) you were a big help.

You might want to call UPS! I just did and was told that a large batch did not clear US customs today and thus will be delayed by one business day. Mine will not be available until Monday. He told me the delay was due to improper customs forms filled out by Apple. He went on to state that many got cleared but a good quantity did not. Yes, I do have Saturday delivery and UPS confirmed this.
When calling Apple on this, the rep. just told me she had no more information than what UPS had on their website which is "In Transit" but no date. She told me I would have to wait until Monday and that since shipping was free, Apple could not do anything if they come late from UPS.
I was really planning to get to know my new iPad this weekend.