Apple Begins [Pre-Charging] iPad Orders for April 3?

iPad pre-orders

Reader Paul tells Apple charged his credit card today for his iPad order, placed on the very first day of availability. We asked on Twitter and it looks like he wasn't alone.

Typically companies only begin processing order charges when they start shipping products. Does this mean the first set of iPad have commenced their journey from manufacturing for an April 3 delivery?

[No, turns out it just means Apple is doing a check and hold to make sure funds are available for them to charge when the device ships, though it will st

Did your card get processed? Wi-fi only or 3G as well?

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Reader comments

Apple Begins [Pre-Charging] iPad Orders for April 3?


I was charged for my BT keyboard because it shipped yesterday, but no activity yet for my 64GB 3G iPad or the case. I'll have to just patiently drool while others get their shiny new WiFi iPads. Sigh.

My card would've been charged had I not cancelled my order when Sprint announced the EVO on Tuesday. The specs of that device simultaneously caused 3 events: cancelled ipad, dropping iPhone and best of all leaving ATT, gimme an Amen.

My card was also charged today for a 32gb wifi. Not convinced they're shipping yet, but interesting none the less. Even if they are, I still think they'll be held for a April 3rd delivery. Here's to hoping I'm wrong!

I ordered the IPAD WI-FI + 3G 64GB-USA and I do have a temp charge that just showed up on my account. Who knows?

I absolutely LOVE my iPhone 3GS but Johnny Boy you are RIGHT. Sprints new Evo is packed with specs that I'm not sure even Apple can compete with in their 4th gen iPhone. (8 megapixel camera! And a front facing camera for video chat! And Android 2.1 And 720p video with a mini hdmi output! Wow)

I ordered mine about a half hour after it went live on the store. My card was charged today....32 GB WI-FI model.

Yep.. Mine too.. 32GB Wi-Fi. However there are no updates on the order status on the Apple store, yet...

I got mine ordered within 3 minutes on March 12 and didn't get charged yet. Anybody else not charged yet?

Mine was strange. My card got charged the same day I pre-ordered. (which was the first day) but then the $533(with tax) got put back into my account after about 3 days. And then, it got charged again today.

Yup, my 16gb WiFi is now a "Temporary Transaction" as of 3/25/10. Only $516 for the iPad was charged, no accessories, even though they were in the same order...

@Josh I'm with you. Have loved the iPhone almost since day 1 in 07, and have been an early adopter for every iteration since. But lately the combo of Android marketing (and goodness), insanely speced devices and Apple's reticence to provide updates via software to the iPhone has caused a shift for me. I look at my apps and realize I use very few of them often. And those I do, Pandora and Photoshop, are available for most platforms. The EVO specs made me think about the shortcomings and now boringness of iPhone. No flash, no flash, no battery etc. Love Apple, but smartphones and smartphone owners are easily bored. Innovation and change and increased capabilities are more critical than with Macs or PCs. The feature I will miss most oddly is how in the native email app recent email addresses from sent and received email not in your contacts just appear. Great feature but not enough.

Johnny, short-sighted of you to play directly into sprint's hand and impulse buy the Evo less than 3 months before the new iPhone's release...
That's why the carriers are all pushing these great new phones right now. Trust me.

@Adam. Agree, if the new iPhone offers only a few new interesting and useful features, I will buy it, inertia you know? But I'm not seeing or feeling that. I had a Nexus for a day and the speed of the thing blew me away. For some reason, it lacked email signatures and email search. Deal killers 1 and 2. What I'm seeing is a chickification of iPhone, light on techy goodies and heavy on simplicity. The features we all fell in love with are de riguer on most new breed devices. No flash for the camera? Jeez that seems pedantic on a 2009 release from arguably the most successful, mainstream tech company ever. Maybe it's hubris, maybe it's margins, but in any case, I predict I won't be the only iPhone afficionado who jumps ship for Android. Let's see.

Can someone who has Steve Jobs' email address send him the Sprint EVO specs? I think he needs a swift kick in his iLiver.

I'm with Johnny, in a way,, I mean the Evo phone is pretty impressive, but like Adam, I am waiting to see what Apple will counter with. And I have ordered a 64GB 3G iPad, which hasn't been charged yet, and, in a way, would only keep me from getting the next gen iPhone. The Evo can be a hot spot, which would save me the 15 on the iPad data plan, I'll still have iPhone apps, and I have an iPod Touch as well for music. With all this, I will be able to move from iPhone if the next gen is not up to par... but, for now I eagerly wait.

I got charged for a 64GB 3G iPad today. Hope that means soon. I don't know how long the charge can stay as authorized before capturing the funds. Is it 30 days????

Oh my Gawd Johnny Boy is right, an 8mp camera and android 2.1 on a device will surely make it outsell any thing ever invented. C'mon people, this IS what we all have been waiting for, its a game changer!!!
Seriously what a troll... your ipad aint no phone, if you want to go just go, why keep looking back and still wishing on the iPhone OS devices if android satisfies you so well.

@Mary all of us fan boys and girls thank you for sending that email to Steve. What would his terse answer be? It could be "Oh sh*t" or maybe "injunction". The early rumors have nothing new that we can't get via jailbreak, which I am amazed there are still iPhone owners that use a non jailbroken iPhone. The shake multi tasker is super. As is the SMS quick apps. I'm so bored with the iPhone GUI I have the system wide Android theme working.

I was also charged at first and it came out the next day and thought that was odd. Just looked at my account and it has been charged. I ordered the 64GB 3G and placed the order within 3 minutes of the preorder defined time

I don't know if I've been charged yet, but my status has said "Delivers on 4/3" for a while. Was surprised to find out that this is news.

Seems like an error or something because credit card orders are supposed to ship within a few days of being charged and the 3G models aren't due for a month.

Can anyone answer this:
Does Apple usually roll out products on a Saturday? I ask because Isn't it super expensive freight charges to ship out ipads on a saturday to all the preordered homes vs shipping on a standard weekday? Does this make sense financially for Apple to pick up the tab on a Saturday delivery rate given that there's been so Many pre orders??
What am I missing here?

@Johnny Boy = troll. Go revel in your bad decision somewhere else. Holy cow, can one say insecure in one's decision? If you need to convince yourself that bad perhaps you should have stayed with the superior phone.

The headline is intentionally misleading and should be changed. No iPads are shipping. There are only pending charges. There is not a single report or rumor of a shipment. TiPB, that is a slimeball move on your part and you should fix it.
Most likely, Apple is guaranteeing their 4,3 ship date by preparing to get them sent out early and held at the shipping company depot until the last minute. We can be pretty sure there will be no shipping delays.

I was charged yesterday but my card thought it was a fraud charge so I had to call and release the hold and now I have officially been charged for my Ipad 64GB and Case...keyboard dock and extended wire wont charge till mid April. Incidently, Apple did tell me they will ship in time for April 3rd DEPENDENT if the receiver has Saturday delivery at their location. I called Fedex to veriufy this and they said most locations have Saturday delivery but Apple has to specify this when they ship.

If Apple were charging cards, they should be shipping iPads -- nothing slimeball about that. However, it looks like they were just making sure the funds were available for charging when the device ships.
That's still scheduled for April 3, so whether it ships now and takes a week to arrive, or it ships in a couple days and takes a couple days to arrive, we'll soon see..

@ JD. I still have the iPhone. The EVO isn't out yet. But thanks for calling me names. My observations are based upon a thorough knowledge of iPhone OS and capabities. Grow up you douche. And your Mama wears combat boots. While blowing me.

I have 4 pending charged on my card. Looks like they put holds on there for each item ordered. It also looks like they put the holds on "in order of importance". The iPad card-hold was first on the list, followed by AppleCare, then the notebook/case and finally the non-keyboard Dock.

They are just seeing if you card goes through. But it is triggering fraud warnings with the card companies.

Are you people actually serious about this Sprint EVO crap? Sure it might be a great PHONE, but it's a PHONE, something the ipad is not. They are not designed to fulfill the same purpose.
It's like saying, "I cancelled my new car order when GE announced a new stove model coming out!" Have fun reading ebooks, surfing the web, doing email, or viewing pics on your Evo.

I ordered a 64 3G iPad at 8:30 am on March 12th and my credit card was hit on the 25th. I can't tell whether it was an actual charge or a hold. The hold, if it is one, is still there. I guess if the hold is there on Tuesday, it will mean that it is a real charge. All I know is that my iPad can't get here fast enough.

@Bill, I might have agreed with you had I not played with the HD2 last night. The screen is ridiculous, an absolute beauty. Now, I've been reading all of the classics on the iPhone, including Dracula, which was phenomenal. I have no issue reading on an iPhone and the Evo should be better, ipad, I agree sounds perfect for it. Comparing a car to a stove and an ipad to an evo, that was a terrible example. Going from iPhone to Evo
to Ipad, what is the middle equivalent in your example car to stove? See how you missed? I have had every device, every computer every everything and can assure you that the Evo is a far more useful device in the browser/ereader/media device genre. Camera, flash, storage, battery, mifi etc. Cmon, it's not like you can refute it, that would be like driving your stove or frying eggs on your car engine.

@Johnny Boy, I do stand corrected and apologize for my less than accurate comparison. Point taken. I usually do better with my analogies, and that one was not apples-to-apples (no pun intended ;)
I looked at the Evo on Sprint's website: it is undeniably a bad-ass phone! Very nice. And since you have actually read ebooks on the iphone, there shouldn't be any issues with using the Evo.
It's interesting how many people are anxious to dump their cell providers. I've been anxious to dump just about every one I've had throughout the years for some reason or another, but sometimes I come full-circle and end up back with them. So far I'm still happy with AT&T after about 6 months. We'll see how I feel after another year and a half. ;)

Interesting. Credit card charged today (3/29) for 64-gig 3G iPad. It'd be great if it shipped before "late April."

@Bill. The ATT issue has been way overblown, and I'm certain it has more to do with the iPhone hardware anyway. I cannot recall ever dropping a call throughout the Blackberry years. But still, a BB does far less of what I need the iPhone to do for my life. Take that further to the EVO, if it's ad good in person as it is on paper. The ipad? Meh. I have a Macbook that does so much more, including free 3g with a free tether app from Cydia. If someone gave me an ipad I would keep it home and use it for media and browsing. That's it. I'm curious about the speed, if it's as fast I've read, I won't be able to help myself. But, the EVO will get a tryout first.

@John, looks like I'll find out soon enough... got shipment notification today. I'm not the end user, my wife will be, and I'm sure she will be plenty happy with it. Mild web surfing, facebook, and email will be the extent of it's use. She had a stroke a couple years ago, and lost most use of her right arm/hand, so the relatively simple interface of the ipad should suit her well.
You have piqued my interest in the Evo though, and will be keeping my eyes & ears tuned to it before I commit to a new iphone in a few more months here. I hope the "new" iphone will also have some impressive specs. Apple will have missed the mark if they don't view the Evo as their serious direct competition.