Here come Apple's big bumper case refunds...

Bumper case refunds

Looks like Apple has begun the process of refunding Apple Online Store bumper case orders. *MacRumors says:

Existing back-ordered bumper cases have also been processed for refund. We expect the process will continue over the next few days. Apple is also expected to provide a method for in-store purchasers to also receive a refund but has provided no details yet.

As part of their iPhone 4 "antennagate" press conference, Steve Jobs announced Apple would be giving away free cases, including Apple Bumpers, to every iPhone 4 customer as a way to make them happy and alleviate any concerns about reception issues.

Anyone else get their refund notice yet?


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There are 46 comments. Add yours.

Calculus II says:

When will they start taking orders for free bumpers? Hope their servers are ready.

Scott says:

I just got an email from Apple saying that my pending paid order for a white bumper will be free of charge.

Brian says:

I've not gotten my refund yet. I've had no problems with the iPhone 4. Nashville, TN has pretty good ATT coverage though, so haven't really had the opportunity to see if the death grip/touch whatever works.

Richd5481 says:

I don't think everyone should get a FREE bumper. Should only be people who actually called AppleCare and reported the reception issue. Have no reception issue and bought bumper to protect phone. Don't care if I get a refund. It's only $29.

UntidyGuy says:

Where do I get in line? Usually, if Apple rolls out something like this you get the opportunity to stand in line outside the Apple store for most of the day.

Dezee says:

To iphone4 User............... Kill ur self!!

DDay says:

iPhone 4 user: Who cares what you think?

Noonan says:

I got cases... I want a free bumper and I'm willing to wait.

Calculus II says:

@iPhone4 User
Why? How is it taking money out of your pocket?

jasondeno says:

I agree. I plan on getting an iPhone 4 when they become more readily available. But I have no intention of using a case and am not interested in a free bumper. Apple can keep it.
Maybe a little scotch tape. :) Kinda reminds me of when I used to have to duct tape the SIM door on my Treo 270.

Kingsley says:

Great but when does the white iphone come out?

Chris says:

So what happens if you purchased a bumper at the AT&T store?????

Mai says:

I hope this means that the white iphone 4 will be ready for 'order' soon.

philo says:

Where the hell are the free cases? Steve better get off his ass. I hope they don't use AT&T to process the orders :)

Serg says:

@iphone4user. Yeah $29 for a damn piece of rubber that costs them no more than a dollar to make. It's like a live strong bracelet with holes cut into it. Either way. If they're free I'm in for one.

Rene Ritchie says:

White iPhone in limited quantities end of July.

Macboy74 says:

I don't have a problem. But I will glady take one on black please.

techfan says:

I would like a black case... a refund for a bumper I never bought... an autograph from steve... a promise from apple to change their name to "orange"... a droid x... a case for my droid x... and an iPad with a fold out keyboard.

Chris102192 says:

@iPhone4 user....
STFU. We are gonna take advantage of the offer if it's free.

Tom says:

I already have three bumpers. Black,Blue,Green and I love the IPhone 4

AlexLovesStaudts says:

I was almost going to call Apple support after Steve said that only 0.55% called in about it. Being a left-hander, I did experience the issue and want my voice be counted. Let's all clobber the support lines.
Nevermind that you had to live behind the moon not to have heard -why- the phone got bad reception when you grip it on the lower left.

Mr. Dickshiner says:

Let's all just hop off steve's 8=====D

The Chaotic Buddhist says:

You know, iPhone4 User, some of us have the problem and didn't call Applecare, knowing full well it would resolve itself without me bugging anyone. So, if the phonecall is your criteria for getting a bandaid, screw yourself. I'm getting mine.

Alex says:

Just checked my email and sure enough I have one from apple saying my pending order will be free of charge :)

Steelrain66 says:

If it's free, it's for me! Hooray for an Apple bail out!

carolinamic says:

I think this can be a slightly fair indicator of how many people have and antenna issue. Although I do know when people get stuff for free they usually come in droves. Lol.

elementbt says:

What if we bought one a while ago? Should I expect an email of will there be a link somewhere i have to sign up?

Billy Ives says:

Just got my iPhone 4 @ apple the day after the conference and apple had 25 bumpers in stock. They would not give me one for free nor would they refund my purchase of one. WTF

behrlover says:

You'll only receive credit for the ones you purchased from apple. If you bought a case from AT&T or any other 3rd party your not getting that refunded.

behrlover says:

Also, this is not something you can go into the store and do, it will be only online. I know I made sure I got all the details for thing.

elementbt says:

only receive credit? sorry if im being picky about details but he said REFUND, i dont want store credit.

BobbyB says:

Element, the email says "refund" not credit...
iPhone 4 user, stfu, it's free, who cares if u dint want it don't sign up...
Now when are they going to let us sign up for our cases and bumpers??

Cristo says:

Ok so apple if giving free bumpers till September 30th what happened to the people that buy them after that date?? Will apple make changes to the antennae

laurawelch says:

Very nice blog post. the things you shared about the Apple Online Store bumper case orders are pretty good.
I enjoyed this bog post comments.
Thanks for blogging.

Jra says:

@Ethan How did u get ur refund???

JNGold says:

Received my email today that I will automatically receive a credit for my Bumper purchase that I made via the online Apple Store. I would have liked the choice to pick a 3rd party case but heck, I am not complaining. :)

Josh says:

Got my refund as well. It was automatic, received this email.
Dear Apple Customer,
Apple recently announced that iPhone 4 customers who purchased an iPhone 4 Bumper are eligible for a full refund.
As of today, we have automatically processed your refund.
Thank you for choosing Apple.
Apple Online Store Support
Answers to many Apple Online Store questions can be found at online Help:

Willipad says:

Finally i paid 15 pounds for mine, so it will be a nice bit of cashback.

Raptor007 says:

I bought my bumper at the apple store so I will stop in this weekend and get my refund. Personally the bumper isn't what I wanted to begin with.
But where are the free cases from select suppliers that Apple told us last Friday we would have the option to pick from. Granted we still have a couple of days left, but it looks more like jobs is dragging his heels or the suppliers are not cutting their costs for Jobs.
Did anyone see this nice option for those who want to go without a case.

tom says:

@raptor007, I SO want one of those antenna band-aids!

metsgiantsfan234 says:

Got 2 emails for the 2 bumpers i purchased

scott says:

This is all fine and good, but I spent $30.00 at ATT to get a case since MY i4 could not stay connected with out it. It is the most strickingly UGLY purple, and it seems, I am stuck with it, since this little rebate scam does not apply to those. Thanks again APPLE. Sell me a product, FORCE me to BUY something else (on top of the $300.00 for the phone)to make it work, and now tell me I am out of luck for a refund.

Sarah says:

Can't wait to get a white iPhone 4, I mean, IF I get one ;) Thanks to Laura for sharing