Apple canceling bumper orders to Puerto Rico?

Apple iPhone 4 free bumper case

Looks like Apple may be canceling free bumper orders from Puerto Rico over the last 24hrs, as several readers have sent us copies of the following notification:

We are unable to complete your order. We do not ship to international, freight forwarder, APO, FPO, or P.O. Box addresses.

We offer the following information:

International Shipping: We are unable to ship to an international address. Therefore your order has been cancelled. Please visit the Apple Store Worldwide for the Apple Store Store in your country of residence.

Freight Forwarders: We do not ship to Freight Forwarders. Therefore your order has been cancelled.

APO, FPO or Post Office Boxes: Our carriers are unable to deliver orders to these addresses. Please visit to change your address to a physical address, so that we may continue processing your order. If we do not receive a response from you within one week, your order will be cancelled. You will need to login to your account with your Apple ID to locate this order.

Anyone else in a US territory seeing this?

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Apple canceling bumper orders to Puerto Rico?


Thats exactly what ive been trying to tell tech bloggers... So i guess Puerto Rico is not worth anything for Apple because its always been like that. They dont ship to PR. All my Apple devices are bought from Best Buy or Radioshack. The iPhone 4 i had to ship to a relative of mine in Florida and then over here.

I called about three days ago to see if they were going to ship them to PR, they said it was no problem I. Guess they changed their mind. Know I have to send it to my uncle with is ridiculous since the iPhone came out here the same day as in the US, don't know why?

The other thing is...Try to return your iPhone4 to an ATT store... THEY WILL NOT LET YOU!
YOu cannot return the iPhone4 nor claim any warranty? WTF?
Glenn.. I am guessing phones came via a twitter bird! LOL
It takes as much $ to ship to Puerto Rico as it does to ship to Florida using any of the 20 or so available carriers. That is just a bogus and plain excuse to not ship here. Put in an envolope and postage $.42 or whatever and ship it.

Yes, I'm currently in St. Croix and got that BS message this morning. My phone shipped here but it was ordered via AT&T. It's not a PO Box address either and last time I checked PR and the VI are not international.

I was one of the one that received this email, the email says that we have a week to adjust the adreess, but the order is being cxl right away, i contact them and they told me they dont ship to PR, ok i understand they dont ship a laptop or an electronic device, but a bumper??? Steve Jobs clearly says on the conference "we Want to make our customers happy, a free iphone 4 case to every iphone 4 customer" You want to make me happy but dont want to send it to Puerto Rico?? hello Apple wake up in Puerto Rico there is a lot of Iphone customers, also in Puerto Rico At&t 3g service is great.. Apple if you want to make us happy Accept PR Customer as well.. My money is the same as Every Customer in The US

A mi me enviaron el email hoy, yo llame al 1800-676-2775 es el num que aparece en la aplicacion mas abajo, la persona de servicio al cliente elimino la direccion de PR y actualize la de mi hermano que vive en NY y listo me lo envian Agoto 8. fue lo unico que pude hacer por que NO van a enviar a PR, si usted tiene algun fam. o amigo que le pueda ayudar esta seria por ahora su unica opcion suerteee Gracias

yajaira... Its still a pain in the ass to deal with resending it. I might as well buy it. The ones they are giving away are sold in the ATT store anyways... They should refund whatever you bought.
Apple is starting to become RIDICULOUS!

Apple sells the iPhone 4 in PR the same day it comes out, they would take my money for any digital media I buy plus all the apps I want, but will not ship a piece of plastic weighting an ounce to Puerto rico. BTW, Puerto Rico is 40% At&t and it is withing the National At&t Service area. Is Apple trying to say that our iPhones were built differently, and do not have the antenna problem?

I also received the email from Apple. I just spoke to Apple and they indicated that currently, they're only shipping free cases to U.S. They suggested that I ordered the case and have it shipped to a family member or a friend in the U.S. then have it shipped to PR. Or, since I ordered my iPhone 4 thru AT&T, to called them and see what they can do. This is just ridiculous!

Perhaps someone should tell the folks at Apple that Puerto Rico IS the United States

Well I can see this on the news. I try to be positive about apple, but this and all the other nutty things they do tells you alot about the company. I wish I ran that company. They do not get it. Over anything else, customer service is first. You make billions, and are looking at shipping to PR as a problem. If their carrier cannot ship to the address, change carriers.

I don't think it's a carrier issue cuz they use UPS, FeDex and DHL in combination with USPS... eso no spasa por indecididos y no saber si queremos ser un estado, ser libres o solo asociados! buaaaaaajajajajaja

Same problem Here. I think the first problem they have in service is because they don't offer support In spanish. PR government banned The Apple Care Warranty because of that. You can't buy Apple Care in Puerto Rico anymore. But today they dont have excuse. You call right now and some Mexican answer your questions without troubles. I feel discrimination in every aspect of this relation. Other companies do not have any troubles in shipping and support.

In the end it's just a matter of convenience for Apple that is... If it's convenient for them the'll ship, if not, we're screwed!
Al final creo que es cuestión de conveniencia para Apple, si le conviene envían, si no, nos jodimos... :-)

People, this issue is not about policts. Is about Apple putting their actions with their words and simply shipping through USPS. I'm 100% sure that shipping to PR will be cheaper than any other country.

Just shows that puerto ricans are not us citizens just a drain on military demand since they pay no federal taxes.

1:puerto rico is a territory not a state.
2: read apples shipping policy. it clearly says they do not ship to puerto rico,
Shopping in the U.S.
The Apple Online Store U.S. ships items only within the 50 United States. No shipments can be made to PO Box addresses, United States territories, or addresses outside of the United States. You may not export any products purchased at the Apple Online Store.
the only way to get an item shipped to a territory ie puerto rico someone in the 50 states has to send you the item, even though apple resided in CA they still have the right to make changes.
we should all learn to read before complaining. also its only a $29 item and like a previous person said "puerto rico has the best coverage" then you you complaining. also it is america and english is main language

Start paying us taxes and then you are a REAL citizen and maybe treated like one. This is obvious because major corporations ignore you like step-citizens. Go apple and all of those that have rules like such. Maybe you should vote yes on your next vote to become a state and pay to get all the benefits that a us citizen gets while you are on us territory welfare by not paying into the system just taking. It's your choice not us tax paying citizens.

We know Apple's shipping policy. What we're complaining about is the fact that the policy is written that way. Also, we are complaining because we called Apple and they told us there was not going to be a problem this time. We just don't understand why an item can't be shipped to us since it costs the same as the shipping to many states. If there was going to be a problem with the shipment to PR, they should have told us before making the order.

Wow theres a lot of puertoricans over here :) so freaking nice, about 8 month ago bought a macbook pro, and had to send it to my uncle in arizona, that was about 200 with insurance, and tried to buy the iphone 4 over the apple website, and got the 'we do not ship' message, so i guess they just not offer any services yet for puerto rico, its not new, most stores at certain point didnt support their services to puerto rico, maybe, just maybe somebody should email apple ceo to see what they think about including us, i mean an apple store in plaza las americas would be hot :)

Hi i am rico a moron ignorant person who has nothing to do just show the world how stupid i am posting comments #29 wish i have no idea what i said about U.S. citizenship and tax Payers cause probably i never went to school in first place second don't know S%#$t on the subject that Puertoricans do pay taxes. I should see the light someday if i decide to remove my head from my A hole.

We do pay taxes 7.1% to be exact... and we did vote to be a state. Read facts before commenting, people. We are normal citizens just like the rest of the world.

Back when Steve held that press conference about the ‘Antennagate” a few days ago, I lost count of how many times he repeated that they love their customers. He forgot to say: “unless you live in Puerto rico” This is where giants fail. A few years back, when Palm was already in financial trouble, I paid $499.00 to the Palm online store for a Windows Mobile Treo Pro, on pre order. It was shipped to my house the same day of the release without hesitation. After a moth, some people started noticing hairline stress marks on the housing of the first batch of units and Palm decided to do the right thing and offer replacement units to those with the problem. Now, this problem never made it past some technical blogs and calls to customer service, it was never mainstream. Palm did not have to wait for CNN or Consumer Reports to report about it for them to act on behalf of their customers. I emailed Plam and they generated an RMA number and sent me a brand new revised unit via FedEx to my home, guess where? Puerto Rico. Palm did not care where I lived, did not cake the first day when I preorder the phone. Their customer had a problem and they took care of it, is that simple. Palm never held a press conference to tell me how much they love me as a customer, but came true when I needed them. These actions were taken by a company that was struggling to keep their stock at around $10.00. Not the supper mighty Apple, that has solid numbers and profits that are only exceeded by MS and oil companies. I ask myself, Who truly loves their customers?

Unfortunately, many of the comments here seem to miss the point. Apple's decision not to ship to Puerto Rico, when they will ship to Canada, is clearly nonsensical. International sales and shipping policies should apply to international destinations. The U.S. Postal Service does not deliver in other countries. They do deliver in Puerto Rico, which is a territory of the U.S. and home to more than 3.5 million, native born U.S. citizens. So, is Puerto Rico an international destination? Is it another country? It clearly isn't. Finally, authorized Apple resellers and partners like Radio Shack, Best Buy and AT&T all have stores in Puerro Rico that correctly classify Pierto Rico as part of the U.S. Why, then, does Apple not do the same. Having a shipping policy is the perogative of the individual company. Having one with no legal or ethical basis is not. We at Geek Shui Living recognize the implications of this issue, which extends beyond bumpers and iPhones. We even asked Steve Jobs for an explanation and detailed the sad drama on Geek Shui Living. ( Ultimately, Apple's policy is not okay. It is not justifiable. It is nothing short of discriminatory and is something that should be addressed by both the local and federal government. Would you as a U.S. citizen allow your rights to be limited based on your geographic location? I think not, and you shouldn't have to. For that same reason, neither should we who live in Puerto Rico.

First off. We Puertoricans do pay taxes, we pay to the "state of Puerto Rico" and to the federal government. We do have social security benefits, birth certificate, a passport that says we are american, and actually we have the greatest soldiers that never chicken out and that always step forward when they are needed for a country that does not give us the entire full respect for what we do. Therefore we can sue whoever we want and whenever we want, even people that we feel are showing discriminatory behavior towards us because we are a territory and because english is not a our first language. True Apple's policy to not ship to PR is well documented and has always been like that, to an extent that they do not have an official Apple Store here, only official resellers. But in this case, where Apple has made a serious design mistake to a device that is so widely popular, that is breaking all kinds of sales records and that does have a program to "Keep Happy" all the customers, i think its unfair to exclude us from the right to receive our Free case. The only thing i can think of is that they expect to "keep happy" the continental US first and after they have covered all their issues their then they'll help us with what is left. ;)

We are not a state people, the taxes we pay are the goverment IN puerto rico. We dont pay state taxes, or federal taxes, or taxes go to Puerto Rico, not to the US goverment. I live in Puerto Rico, and this is the reason why I want to become a full state. The companies that say we are a state are wrong, we are not part of the US constitution, and we are not a 51st state, and we dont pay the taxes that the 50 states have to pay. We are a territory that is different. Dont complain, when you bought an Iphone even after knowing the issues it had, you knew what we were getting into, and you got into it anyways, so don't complain about it and deal with it. If you want a bumper case then move to the U.S. but please don't whine about it. Here in PR people want all the rights they have in U.S. without the sacrifice, you want all the rights and benefits, then you gotta give some things to get it. You want keep those things then you cant have all the rights. Is that simple. It's simple politics. So dont complain you aren't happy then go take your Iphone back, and stop complaining.

This is not the only company. There are many us companies that do not ship to PR or charges us very high shiping amounts. Mr Pedro Pierluisi: do something to resolve the situation.
People: I think that we will never have an Apple Store while Modernica stores exists, same with Target and Target rent a car in PR.

@Alexander - you are not correct when you state we do not pay federal taxes. All people employed in PR pay social security and medicare. They are taxes, NOT FEDERAL INCOME TAX, but federal taxes nonetheless. You also state we are not a part of the US constitution, but we are part of the US Constitution in the terrirtorial clause. Not the good part, but a part anyway. You are right in thinking that if we became a State this would not be an issue. I agree with you taht if we want equal treatment we should have the same duties, and I agree with you as I am myself a fanatical statehood supporter, but we have to say things as they are because people in the mainland think that we simply live off the United States and would be an economical burden to the US, which is not necessarily true and we have much to offer. If I told anybody in the states what you said they would be wrting their congressmen to not allow PR to become a state, as a stetehood supporter, is that what you want??
@Nydia and people in general: there is a big chance, very big, that Pedro Pierluisi is not reading this forum. If you or anybody else want Mr. pierluisi to do anything about this write to him directly. You may get his e-mail address from, the official NPP page or even his own campaign page. It is not difficult to write to him and even if they (pedro or any other poitician) do not answer your email directly they will still pass it on to their work team and work with it.
Other things that we may consider are filing complaints with: Better Business Bureau, Federal Trade Commission, Departamento de Asuntos del Consumidor, Federal Court. We can't expect for these agencies to somehow read these forums, or the article in El Nuevo Dia or El Vocero and act out of their own volition without a complaint. This is not how the system works. The more complaints filed about the same thing the faster it gets resolved. I have done this in the past and gotten results, both with companies in the state (Dell did not want to ship a specific model of a computer to me in Puerto Rico because it was US only and Dell Latinoamerica did not offer it). i complained to the BBB and boom, problem solved.

It is frustrating, we puertorricans have fought and gave our lives in every freaking war and conflict that th US has been involved in, and we can not get the same treatment as the rest of the continental United States? We are not asking for special privileges, just fairness and equality.

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