Apple confirms October 22 special event, still have a lot to cover

As expected, Apple has today confirmed October 22 as the date for the expected iPad and Mac special event. As is traditional, the event will kick off at 10am PST. This time around proceedings will be taking place at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco, under the tagline "we still have a lot to cover."

So, what are we expecting? Apple still has new iPads for 2013 to launch, including the refreshed full sized iPad that should take on the look of the iPad mini. A new iPad mini is also likely, though at this point it's still anyones guess as to whether it will or will not include a Retina Display.

Away from iPads, we're also expecting October 22 to bring news on the Mac front. OS X Mavericks is due for imminent release, the already announced Mac Pro should be getting some attention, and we could be looking at a Haswell update for the MacBook Pro line.

Whatever Apple throws our way in 7 days time, keep it locked to iMore for all the best coverage leading up to, during and post-event. Who's excited? And what are you most excited for?

Source: The Loop

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Reader comments

Apple confirms October 22 special event, still have a lot to cover


Wonder how long it will take before everyone starts to analyse the invitation in an attempt decipher the hidden message?

There are 41 ‘leaves’ including the negative space for the apple logo leaf. During the 2010 keynote where the iPad was first announced, 9:41am was the time displayed on the iPad for the keynote slide because the keynote started at 9am and the actual reveal was slated for 40 minutes into the keynote. The extra minute to make it 41 provided a little buffer. 9:41am has been used for pictures and ad material for iPad ever since.

There you have it, new iPad confirmed.

There are 41 leaves, you're correct. However, looking deeper, there are at least 18 different colors in there, and the event is 10/22. Add 10 to 22 and you get 32, then divide by 5 (iPad 5) which equals 6.4, divide that by 2 (iPad mini 2) and you get 3.2. Half Life 3 confirmed. Best Tuesday ever.

The colors seem more blended than the September invite, and actually look a lot like the default wallpapers in iOS 7.

Nokia's event was announced earlier and on the same day, but we all know bloggers would rather see iProducts. Not that I'm against either company, just tech bloggers feel Apple is best in everything.

I'll be in Abu Dhabi covering Nokia World allllll day before this event even thinks about kicking off. So at least one blogger is getting a fill of Nokia's event that day ;-)

Also, the best to trash after they "disappoint"

Guess that is the trouble with expectations. Having some you disappoint. Having none you wow.

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I'm only looking for one thing and it isn't new iPad. I need to upgrade my Mac and will not do it or spend anymore $$$ on Apple products until the MacBook Pro Retina gets a Haswell upgrade!!!

Excited! Come on iPad mini 2 with retina display!! Time to hand down my iPad 2 to my mom!

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I'm excited about getting OS X Mavericks on my iMac. Also, looking forward to what next generation iPad will be like. Although not holding my breath as to it completely blowing me away. A little curious about what's next with the Mini but I expect no surprises there either. So Mavericks is what I'm looking forward too.

Sold my iPad 4, so looking forward to a new lighter full size iPad with a new Smart Cover. Mavericks will be great and if there are new iPad Mini's, then my daughter may get an upgrade for Christmas!

It was great to know in advance that this event was coming as I sold my iPad at a good price, however I keep grabbing at the stand for my iPad that's no longer there - it's going to be a long few weeks!!

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I'm really hoping it *doesn't* have it, if it has to be thicker and heavier.
Retina is a boondoggle IMO.

The "lot to cover" and the colours, means that Apple is getting into covers and cases in a big way in order to trump MS's Surface and position the iPad as a complete replacement for a laptop.

This is because a 12" iPad in a keyboard case, will allow for a full sized keyboard and make an excellent laptop replacement. (The recent leak of the supposed 12" screen is for the new larger iPad, not a MacBook. )

Look for many coloured and ingenious covers, cases, and keyboard cases and covers from Apple to cover the new expanded and completely redesigned iPad lineup. (hopefully they can improve on the current iPad mini cover which is a POS.)