Apple: Consumer demand for the iPad 2 is "amazing"

Top 5 apps to show off your new iPad 2

The Loop was able to speak with Apple Spokesperson Trudy Muller today, who stated Apple saw consumer demand for the iPad 2 launch last Friday to be "amazing".

“Demand for the next generation iPad 2 has been amazing,” Apple spokesperson Trudy Muller, told The Loop. “We are working hard to get iPad 2 into the hands of every customer who wants one as quickly as possible.”

Apple hasn't announced how many iPad 2 units were sold over the opening weekend, but our guess is that Apple sold every single unit they were able to make and if they'd been able to make more, they'd have sold more. It took the original iPad 28 days to reach 1 million units. iPad 2 might easily have beaten that i

but so far it seems initial demand may outweigh the original iPad and could easily beat the first iPad to 1 million sales (the original iPad took 28 days to reach 1 million).

So how many units of the iPad 2 do you think Apple has sold so far? Let us know in the comments!

[The Loop]

Andrew Wray

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There are 50 comments. Add yours.

Andrew says:

I want one!!!!!! I can't wait 3-4 weeks ahhhhhhhhh

LozBlanko says:

I just hope they keep to their international roll-out dates this year!

dloveprod says:

After I show it to people who claim to hate apple products, they change their tone to, ooo this is nice.

Andrew says:

Lol. Hahahah I know. I wanna show it to a friend. And I know he is going to like it
I can't wait. Already ordered it just trying to be patient lol

Carioca32 says:

Activating reality distortion field!
Amazing, incredible, revolutionary, you will be flummoxed if you don't buy one!! Buy while stocks last! It's selling like water!! Get yours!! Don't wait!!
Field off!
As far as I know, the lines were nowhere near iPad or iPhone 4. No numbers? Strange...

icecrystal23 says:

Actually I've heard a number of reports (sorry, no links off the top of my head) that iPad 2 lines were longer than iPad 1 launch day lines.

Beetlejuice says:

@Ncarcioca......I know for a fact some lines were longer.........I stood in one at iPad 1 launch and it had about 25 people. Went to same Best Buy store for iPad 2 launch and the line was 100+. So I do now know where you are getting your reports from.

Ronn says:

I'm on the fence. Still satisfied with the first iPad. I even used it more this past weekend.

zeagus says:

Activating comment troll field
error in
Would you like to restart?
Deactivating comment troll field due to low battery life

Bruce says:

Are they really expecting everyone to wait 3-4 weeks? Is there any chance that stores will receive more before then? The wait is killing me...I know, I know. I need to be more patient...

Michael Denney says:

Apple Retail stores tend to receive shipments of new product two to three times per week. My local store gets them on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Bruce says:

All this waiting made me realize that I didn't need an iPad and probably shouldn't get one. I canceled my order today and feel pretty good about it. If I'm getting a new gadget, it might as well be a much cheaper netbook that I can actually purchase today and not a month from now.

NaplesiPad says:

I got the iPad 2 but I didn't have the first one. I don't think I would have got it if I would of had the first one.

Joe McG says:

Amazing.....Magical..... Those Apple people crack me up.
I had a chance to play with the iPad 2 and it is freakin sweet. The Sarari experience is soooo much better. I may upgrade after the hoopla dies down a bit.

ipad2 i want it says:

i agree, plus i want to wait until some of the problems go away, the yellow tinting and the screen bleed through

Michael Denney says:

For those complaining about 3~4 weeks shipping or whatever it's up to now ... Imagine having to have waited until the 25th to even order only to find out it's been pushed back a few months... I can't say I'd be surprised if the international release date gets pushed back.

damn canadians says:

and we had those damn canadians come to the states and buy them all up.

Canadian says:

If the international release date gets bumped apple is Gunnar have a lot of unhappy customers. And a lot of border hoppers from Canada.
Why should the Americans get all the iPads? You don't see rim giving Canadians bbs first

Michael Denney says:

You're comparing a device in which the demand is higher than the supply (the iPad) to devices where the supply is greater than the demand (BlackBerry).
Plus it depends on the market - I don't know enough bout the Canadian mobile market to know how it compares to the US but if BB stands to sell 1 million devices in the US versus 250,000 in Canada then their priority, as a business, would be the US.
There are too many variables for me to be more specific however I don't know of any BB devices recently that were in such high demand that supply was an issue.

Canadian says:

I just used blackberry because rim is right down the street, and I see your point about selling more, but I do think that Apple should keep international dates on schedule

Michael Denney says:

They have only a few options:
1. Make enough devices to meet demand (which they would, if they could).
2. Do their best to meet the demand in the US and make as many sales as possible (likely).
3. Only release a certain amount to the US regardless of demand, and then make the rest available internationally (not as likely).
They're going to do what is best for them and I think that if the first place they start to sell them sells them out, any secondary locations are going to be "SOL" until they can make more of them.
On a side-note, mine is in Anchorage Alaska and should be here by Thursday :)

chirmer says:

PS - Rogers almost always got BB OS updates before any other carrier, usually by a couple of weeks.

Santiago says:

I would say the sold close to 500k units in the opening weekend...

Dan says:

screw canada and the rest of the world, just get us Americans our iPads first

i agree says:

especially when we had border crosses come and buy them all instead of waiting for there own release. also heard tons of small companies had people in line buying them up and selling overseas.

DRHughes says:

They'll probably sell 1,000,000 before the months end. I haven't seen that many in the wild, so either no one cares about them (I doubt) or they had a very few models in-store so most people are waiting 3-4 weeks for delivery.

C.J. says:

BS!!! They know the demand. Not large lol. The put on the shelves less devices than the demand. Thus creating lineups, fake hype, more customers buying it. Apple is pure genious evil.

iPhoneandAndroid says:

Not a large Demand? The line at 4:45 at my local mall was down a huge hallway, and then wrapped around outside of a department store. I left to go to best buy after I saw the line. They obviously create a shortage but saying that there is little demand is crazy.

iPhoneandAndroid says:

*wrapped around the outside of a department store

Michael Denney says:

I just drove up to the local Apple Store (only one in my state) and the staff were telling me they're getting more in tomorrow but that they're likely to sell out within minutes simply because they expect a huge line long before they even open.
The sad part is - they're not even 100% sure the delivery will be in the morning. It could be as late as 4 or 5 PM.

bennish says:

this doesn't really mean anything. Absolutely everything is 'amazing' to Apple spokespeople.
"This car space is amazing."
"This muffin? Amazing."
I just sat down at my desk, and saw a pen. It's amazing. Simply, simply amazing."

slumptin says:

Ummm... They're Apple spokespeople. Would you expect, "iPad's aiiight..."?

bennish says:

heh, fair point, but there's a line, y'know? It just gets old after a while. Amazing, amazing, amazing, magical, revolutionary, magical, amazing. It's like watching a Disney trailer.

iPhag says:

Omg omg omg! Whose shaft do I have to leap on to get an iPad2 and look super g@y while using one in public. I'm sure you're all just like me. We are all so ridiculously retarded and blind to think this is awesome. Yay for us idiots!!!

Colton says:

There aren't any idiots here. I think you're looking for "Android Central".

iPhag says:

No ma'am. I believe I'm on the correct website- "The iPhag Blog" . It's a shame that we are so narrow minded to think that these products are amazing. But it's a good thing to know that there are millions of h0m0s just like me that bend over for Queen Steve

8826 says:

Comments like that aren't needed...

Sean says:

This comment is unnecessary and rude.

Kevin says:

While I think they the iPad 2 is popular, I also think Apple knew full well that they didn't have enough to meet demand. I know of a few local Walmarts and Targets that only received 5-10 TOTAL units. Of course that isn't going to meet demand. So, say 20 people show up to get one. Then the 10 that didn't now are "frantic" to get one cause they had their heart set on one that day. So they run to another store in a panic, which others see, and start to panic that they need to get one ASAP, otherwise there won't be one when they want it. So it just spreads.
It's the typical mass hysteria play. Apple knows they can do it too, because of all the religious zealots who will support this behavior, will camp out for days like fools, giving Apple even more publicity and power.
Don't get me wrong. I like Apple products. I had an iPhone 3G, now an iPhone 4, and I will eventually be getting an iPad 2. But come on, people, see past the hype. Apple's marketing people are geniuses because they know they can do this type of thing, they know how to stir up unnecessary hype, and how to get people to fall for it hook, line and sinker.
Everyone that wants one will eventually get one. But don't let Apple convince you (or you convince yourself), that somehow it makes you cooler, or better, or more special to have one in the first 2 days, vs someone else who gets one 2 weeks from now. Because, let me tell you, it really doesn't....

Kevin says:
  • While I think the iPad 2 is popular... (typo at the beginning)
slowlane says:

How long can Apple continue to kick it's repeat customers in the nads before they say the heck with Apple and their manufactured "shortages" and "hype"?

Joe says:

Eh, I think apple released as many as they could make for launch day. Lets look at other tablet releases, such as Xoom and Galaxy Tab, nether of these tabs created launch day demand like Apple, what would you have Apple do? Delay launch until they can fill any possible demand? No, they must start to sell at some point. I have mine on order, I wish i had one now but ill get it soon enough.

Darla Meiners says:

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