Apple event on September 10 almost certainly not going to include new iPads

By now we're all pretty convinced of a September 10 Apple event to launch the new iPhone 5s and quite possibly the iPhone 5c. But, now a report out of Bloomberg is suggesting that we might be seeing new iPads on that date as well:

"The Cupertino, California-based company plans to introduce new versions of its phone and tablet at a Sept. 10 event, a person familiar with the matter has said"

At this point in time, Apple has four products for a fall release, iPhone, iPod, iPad and Mac, and we'll likely see Apple mix-and-match any combination of the four over two different events in September and October. Last year the iPad launches took place in October, and that'll almost certainly be the case again this year.

There's also the somewhat blasé nature of which the information was presented. The article in question isn't specifically to break the story of new iPads next month, but is in fact focused on a possible retail store opening in Tokyo, Japan. As such, it could be poorly stated, sloppy assumption. What's your call?

Update: Jim Dalrymple of The Loop has "noped" this particular rumor. He's got an excellent track record, so move along...

Source: Bloomberg via MacRumors

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Apple event on September 10 almost certainly not going to include new iPads


The phrase is "take it with a grain of salt" bc a single grain is something that would not be noticed. A "big pinch of salt" is not a way to say "don't pay much attention to it" as you would notice all that salt. I've seen the "apple sized grain" before and the misuse of the phrase seems to bother me :-/

I'd love to see new iPads! I don't see any reason that they won't introduce new iPads. And even if there is a separate iPad event in October, I'm not sure what they're going to do about the iPad mini. A new iPad is much easier to picture than a new iPad mini. If they DO end up introducing a new iPad mini, I think it'll probably be just some minor improvements; faster processor, better camera, etc.

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Oh. There hasn't been any buzz about iPods. We all know they're not as important as iPhones and iPads but I haven't heard anything.

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I'm betting you are wrong. iPods are very important in emerging markets. The first world ain't the "rest-of-the-world".

Here's what I wishfully predict:

1. iPod Classic will be discontinued
2. iPod Touch 6: better everything (RAM, battery, chip, SSD comes in 16-128 GB range)
3. iPod Touch Max replaces the Classic (screen UI, 160 GB standard & 320 GB optional)
4. iPod Touch HotSpot for emerging markets (16 GB range only)

What i meant was: iPods aren't very important to people like us who can't wait until the 10th of September, compared to the iPhone and iPad. But I agree about the iPods. I have a feeling they'll discontinue the iPod Classic, but honestly, I don't think they'll make the iPod touch with any higher amount of storage, 64 gigs is pretty hard to fill up on an iPod touch itself. But maybe you're right if they do end up discontinuing the iPod Classic.

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Mixed rumors! But isn't that the norm w/ Apple product launches? !! Love it. Either way, we think the iPads are going to wait until a bit later in the year, right before the new year. Think Christmas time!

I would like to see iPhone/iPad release at same time and in the fall. However, I would like the date for Macbook Pro updates to change. Maybe make all updates in the Spring or something.

If I could get my very first iPad (the new iPad5) before Sept 21 I'd be thrilled. Could really use it on my vacation at the end of that month. But something tells me that won't happen. I'm guessing the Sept 10 event will announce iOS7 to the public, along with the new iPhones and possibly new iPods. October will announce the iPads and new Haswell-based Macs along with OSX Mavericks to the public.

Personally, can't wait for the iPad 5 so I would be delighted to be able to purchase it ASAP. I have been very disappointed with Apple's treatment of the original iPad over the last six months. Whilst I totally understand new apps etc only being for the latest iOS I cannot accept existing apps performing poorly which Apple apps in particular have on the original iPad in that period. Indeed the Apple Store app recently advised an update which you naturally select and then it tells you it's iOS6 only with no way back! My original iPad has just turned three, great products don't die and certainly shouldn't be forced to!

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I bought the ipad 2 than the new ipad and the ipad 4 , one day I was looking at all of them and I realized all of them was almost the same the only difference was the screen and speed but in real life you can't really make the difference, Apple need to bring something new, like the Samsung galaxy note 10.1 and galaxy note 8.0 are different from other Android tablet in the market

No iPads on the Sept. 10th event... Bloomberg revise their story... and The Loop has weighed in with a "no"....

Hope they are wrong, don't know how long I'm prepared to wait. Much will depend on what else becomes available and whether Apple address the original iPad issues. I know I won't be buying an iPad 4!

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Sorry for the delay in responding. Apple apps in particular continually crashing, and many apps requiring iOS 6 get through the update process for the original iPad (which can only run up to and including iOS 5.1.1) leaving them inoperable, the highest profile of which being the Apple Store app (which at the time of writing still asks to upgrade, making it unusable). As I said in my earlier post I totally accept that the original iPad can only run up to iOS 5.1.1, the issues are that apps running well at that point should still be doing so and that the App Store should prevent updates only suitable for iOS 6 getting through as legitimate to the original iPad for which they are unsuitable! Most of the Apple crashes appear to be memory related, I would expect Apple in particular to be well aware of the original iPad's capabilities.

Yeah get it over with seeing it is iOS throw in some new iPads. October OS X and new Macs.

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