Apple holding iPad 2 event on March 2

Apple holding iPad 2 event on March 2

As rumored, Apple will indeed be holding an iPad 2 event on March 2 with the tag line:

Come see what 2011 will be the year of.

Start your predictions in the comments!

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Apple holding iPad 2 event on March 2


Awe man this is awesome. Apple will finally announce it Ass Master 9000 running AnalXOS11.
I cant wait.

anal? lol. wow if they cancel the ipad thing and market it as the macbook touch, i would really be impressed. it can have both ios app store, mac app store and come with a keyboard and magic mouse as accessories-- but this is all crazy talk lol

Relax, man. I'm making fun of the first two words in the Tipb article: "as rumored".
There have been many rumors. It would be nice if Tipb explicitly stated which rumor, and what implications. Otherwise, it's basically selection bias on the shotgun blast of rumors floating around. Most of the rumors are just speculation and flights of fancy.

The year of 2s -- iPad 2, 2x core processor, 2x core GPU, but sadly probably not 2x resolution :) 2x the battery life? :)

Actually, it's a correctly worded tagline for once. In the past, Apple's taglines have occasionally been grammatical abominations :)

The tag line makes perfect sense. "... year of" This is the Chinese year of the rabbit. "Rabbit" kind of rhymes with "tablet".
So... "Come see what 2011 will be the year of." makes perfect sense! :)

Following grammar rules ≠ correct grammar.
The tagline is horrendous. I love Apple to death, but their website is ridden with horrible grammar. This tagline is, sadly, to be expected from them.

Correct and awkward can exist in the same sentence. That tag line may be grammatically correct, but I agree that it's awkward.

Hmm, apple is not even throwing a bone about what the event is about, and the image is basically a regular ipad apparently. So, my predictions are basically quite conservative. More ram (maybe 512), a Facetime camera (at least), same resolution display, probably thinner bezel and faster processor.

I think you're right. The iPad is a rocking success. Apple won't significantly change it up yet; they don't need to. They'll just update the internal technology to tweak the device, and incorporate some of their marquis technologies. Specifically Facetime.

Here's a prediction, based on the image, that nobody has mentioned yet... but I think makes a lot of sense.
A matte finished display. Amazon picked on the glare issues of the iPad, and I suspect that Apple is addressing that issue. Especially when you look at the invite, and the reflective/non reflective line that is displayed in the upper right corner.
Glare-free display. That's my prediction.

i always has the glare on their pics to show the glossiness of their products...look at their site

You're probably right. Especially since removing/reducing glare would require some amamzing new technology. Which hasn't been talked about.
But still, one can hope...

My prediction is that whatever is announced will be highly under-whelming. Without the retina display (or better) upgrade, I can't see it causing people to upgrade (myself included) from the original iPad en masse.
Nothing exciting here, folks. Move along.

You can never tell with the promotional pictures, as I'm positive it's not an actual picture of the iPad 2.

@dood and zeagus
well why not? it's not like apple is showing you a whole lot... in fact, it might barely be 1/6 of the upper right hand corner of the ipad (be it 1 or 2). so to say that this is "not an actual picture of the iPad 2," I think is pretty ignorant. now I don't mean to say that it is a picture of the ipad 2, and i'm not trying to be a douche by saying the statements that you two have made (in this reply specifically) are ignorant, but you've gotta remember that, unlike the iPhone 4 leak (read: fiasco), none of these rumor sources have laid hands on the new device. so for all we know, the iPad 2 could just be a reworking of its innards (like the iPhone 3GS). even the front-facing camera hasn't been 100% verified; any of the pics we have seen leading up to this could have been false. that's just my two cents... hope for the best and expect the worst.

Let me put it this way, whilst trying not to take the "ignorant" thing as an uncivil or disrepectful comment; if the iPad2 HAS been reworked externally, there is no way they would put it in the invite. If it is indistinguishable from the angle they used, they may well have. It's not ignorant to say that, it's knowing how Apple behaves, pure and simple.

you, yourself, said to the dude below this comment that "this is the most blatant they’ve been, sure." that says to me that Apple has done something different with this invite that they haven't done before. you go on to say, "believe me, there is none of this that they haven’t thought long and hard about." could that not also mean that the invite picture is trying to HINT at the fact that the iPad 2 might just be an iPad 1S (stupid name, I know. I mean internally)

additionally, i gotta say i like how you ended that sentence with a preposition. i woud imagine it was intentional, being that you posted the rebuttal link. lol, i dig it

I have never understood the thin bezel lust.
I like having a way to hold or hand-prop this bastard without activating the touchscreen. Making it much thinner, at least all the way around, would require a smaller home button, too.

In all the euphoria no one pointed out the obvious... the picture depicts an ipad1. The event might not be about the ipad at all, because they surely wont hold a media event to demo an iOS upgrade. The image could likely indicate that it is about Apple products, but not specifically about the ipad2. If it were the ipad2, then Apple just made sales of the ipad1 drop to zero for a week. A screw up like that has not happened with any device upgrade thus far, why should it happen now?

Several people have pointed that out and only giant nerds will even know there is an event and have seen this invite. It's not a screwup when they are already ramping up production on the iPad2 and they can surely still sell off existing stock to folks that don't know better and/or at a slight discount over the new model (say $100).

That is not how the upgrade form iphone 3 to 4 and from MB Air went down last year. They sold the prior product without so much as a hint right until the day of the presentation... And now all of a sudden a store that considers 50bucks a big holiday special, is about to cut itself short on selling inventory down to then push out the remainders for massive discounts?? Really?

It wasn't any more a secret with the 3 to 4 or MBP upgrades what the event was going to be about. This is the most blatant they've been, sure, but even showing an iPad doesn't SAY that it's an iPad2 event. They are currently selling 3GS for $49, and I think they know by now how to manage supply chain, inventory, sourcing and pricing concerns. Believe me, there is none of this that they haven't thought long and hard about. New Apple Product X every year during Y month is an open secret.

Apple always surprises us at their press events. We can speculate all we want but whatever they have in store I am sure it is going to be exciting! Do you think Jobs will be there?

I will buy iPad 2 even if the only upgrade is more ram. However, I am not objecting to other upgrades! Excited that an iPad 2 might be announced soon so I can finally get an iPad. :)

Like most others, I predict evolutionary, not revolutionary, changes:
Faster, more memory, slightly smaller, slightly better battery life, front-facing camera, separate CDMA and GSM versions.
Anything less than that and I'll be disappointed.
Anything more than that and I'll be (pleasantly) surprised.
@JohnInEdmonton -- I'd love something to reduce the glare -- my iPad is a joy indoors, but horrid in outdoor light.

I think it will be like upgrading from like the 3G to the 3GS. Not that big a deal. I hope Its more but I'm not counting my pennies just yet

Based on the image in the promo, I know exactly what is being announced. The iPad Uno will now ship with a non-glare screen protector! Brilliant! Always thinking out of the box!

The event takes place on March 2nd... But don't you think it's brilliant that its on the 2nd? It has a HUGE 2 over the image of the iPad. That's certainly making it obvious for iPad 2... If anybody was skeptical.

Is it the ipad? Or something new they bring to the table. And the rest or the industry can follow. All jokes aside can't wait to see what it looks like.

It will be a overhaul. Totally new design. More res, ram ,processor, flash storage, better battery, lighter and thinner.

I'm not a Facetimer or video Skyper, so camera(s) on the iPad wouldn't excite me. My 1st gen iPad is plenty fast and I still have about 20 GBs of free space. Battery lasts as long as it did on Day 1 and I use it constantly. I'm really not sure what they could add to a 2nd gen that would make me need to upgrade. I'm all for improving on the original, but foresee myself sticking with my 1st gen until it actually dies - unless of course they make great OS strides and 1st gen models get left behind like earlier iPhones.

More RAM would help nav apps and other resource hogs crash less. Maybe you don't use many of those apps...yet.

Evolutionary. Not revolutionary. That's the best statement yet. Why would they totally change the hottest selling device in the world? Let it ride for another year... then change it up when this model starts to run out of steam. (Apples idea of running out of steam is different than the rest of us, admittedly.)
But I think there will be something announced that will surprise us all. Perhaps online sync or iTunes subscription. Perhaps a new MobileMe. Perhaps cloud based iTunes backup services that melds GameCenter and AppStores and MobileMe into 1 service. Perhaps... who the heck knows? I'd love it if they brought out something REALLY new. Something nobody has predicted.
My guess is that the big talk about this event will be software/cloudware based, not hardware.
Of course... it could be colour options for your iPad! LOL

Wow, this should put a stop to those iPad "3" rumors. I think the iPad "3" rumors are something the competitors have started in hopes to hurt Apple's iPad 2 sales. Competitors are getting smarter.

Did nobody notice the Maps app icon poking out behind the fold? How about a new Maps app to rival Android's??

The graphic may or may not be the new iPad, but I think the message is that the new one won't look much different. It may be a bit slimmer, with a flatter back and larger speaker, but it will look pretty much like the current model.

Here's my call (broken down by likely, unlikely, hopeful) for upgrades over iPad 1:
- Thinner and lighter, with less contour
- FaceTime cameras (front and back) with 1.3MP resolution
- 512MB RAM
- Apple A5 processor
- Upgraded speaker/microphone array
- iOS 4.3 availability
- Improved battery life (although it's already epic)
- Improved oleophobic glass, with the newer iPhone-style fused-panel manufacturing
- 5MP rear camera instead of the standard 1.3MP (with flash)
- Doubled storage capacity as standard (32/64/128)
- MobileMe revamp, including free standard subscriptions to bring things into "the cloud"
- iOS 5 preview
- Retina display (2048 x 1536; damn do I hope they go this route)
- Matte-finish low-reflective glass
- Button-free, adaptive bezel technology
- NFC technology (does anyone REALLY see themselves paying for their Starbucks with their iPad?)
- High-polish backing (let's keep this thing scratch-minimal!)
And that's how I'm calling 'em. Guess we'll see what happens on 03/02...

See link above, ending a sentence in a preposition isn't the crime that people who only memorize rules (which have exceptions) think that it is. Awkward phrasing? Sure. Bad grammar? Not so much.

Again, incorrect grammar ≠ bad grammar. It may follow the stupid "rule" you keep posting, but if it makes the sentence awkward then it's poorly done, i.e. bad.

Any camera on an iPad would be great as a doc scanner. This has been talked about before. I believe Apple is starting to realize that there is a large enterprise user base out there. It seems like the first iPad was pushed as a entertainment device, with oh yea we threw iWorks in at the last minuet. If devices like iPads, and Mac book Air, along with all the similar devices, getting a lap top seems to be less, and less. Notice how lap top prices are really down compared to the features. You are getting more for the buck. Wonder how this will affect the new Mac Book Pro line? No matter what you like, pricing looks good.

"Come see what 2011 will be the year of."
2011 will be the year of the iPad2? I don't think so... They will introduce a new spin or a new device...

Apparently it will be the year we begin ending sentences with prepositions. Now Apple chic means using bad grammar. What a fantastic time this is.

Go on and focus on their grammar. It's TERRIBLE. The site is riddled with incomplete sentences and poorly structured phrases. I'm not so surprised at this tagline, actually :/

Is there price cuts on original iPad, here in India just released iPad during iPad 2 event . If there is 100$ cut on iPad 1st generation ,then I will definitely buy my first tablet.any thoughts on this

And Apple will not care. Either way, they made a boatload of money off you. Of course, they would surely love you long time if you got both! ;)

I'm afraid it will be exactly that. Great news is you'll only have to wait 6 months for the REAL iPad 2 , labeled iPad 3

The "Year of" two iPads.
I'm going to skip iPad 2 and wait for the third one. I can justify buying one more iPad, but not two additional.

When peep say in the image it's the same iPad as the current one, they ain't gonna show us the next generation obviously!