Apple Introduces All-New iWork for iPad


It includes an an all-new, iPad-friendly user interface for Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, with popup galleries. Numbers also has a distinct, virtual numeric keypad.

It makes sense they have iWork, they're going to want some Office compatibility and light productivity to make the case for why you'd want an iPad instead of a netbook but... TiPb still wonders how easy it will be to input significant content via the iPad. We're willing to be convinced, we're jut not there yet.

Update: Turns out you can use a dock-based or Bluetooth Apple Keyboard with it!

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Apple Introduces All-New iWork for iPad


Do these apps have access to the file system? Can I download an Excel file off the Internet, save it to the iPad and open it using Numbers?

I have an HP notebook, most of the Mexican insurance companies work with Microsoft office programs. I’m obligated to use them, if I want to make an offer to a client. I’m also thinking of buying an iPad for my client presentations. If I make a PowerPoint presentation, would I be able to run it on the iPad with an iWorks app.